Edged Weapons

Cutting Edge: Japanese Swords In The British Museum
by Victor Harris, retired Keeper of the Department of Japanese Antiquities in the British Museum. No culture, besides the Japanese, has developed the sword to such a level of technological excellence, or raised it to such a position of spiritual importance. As a cutting weapon, the curved sword of the samurai was uniquely effective. As a cultural object, it offers invaluable insights into the social and spiritual history of the Japanese people. Cutting Edge offers a fascinating introduction to the design, manufacture, and collecting of these Japanese weapons. It covers the development of sword designs, traditional forging methods, regional variations in style, and signature works by legendary craftsmen. Hardbound, 160 pages, 320 b&w photos, 34 color photos.
4A3680R Cutting Edge $40.00

The Bowie Knife; Unsheathing an American Legend
by Norm Flayderman. The big and long awaited new Bowie knife book . "What really sets this book apart, however, is the text. While practically all of the preceeding books on bowie knives have been essentially picture-books with little text to educate or inform, Flayderman has undertaken the monumental challenge of addressing practically every major facet of bowie knife history in the course of this book (not to mention an awful lot of minor ones.) From the Sandbar Fight to the Alamo, the English cutlery explosion of the 1830s, the Mexican War to the Civil War and the bowie's decline ­ if it has to do with the bowie knife, it's probably in here somewhere (and can be readily found in the handy index)."-Knife World. Sets a new standard for the subject. Hardcover, 512 pages, over 260 full color plates.
5A6412R Bowie by Flayderman $79.95

Naval Edged Weapons In the Age of Fighting Sail, 1775-1865
by Sarah C. Wolfe. This book surveys in full detail all weapons used in the Royal Navy and the new naval service of the United States from the American Revolution to the end of the Civil War. Reveals how British weapons were initially a major source of inspiration for the American navy, an influence which eventually declined as the United States developed its own arms industry. Using surviving examples, artifacts recovered by archeology, and documentary sources, the book devotes individual chapters to shipboard axes, pikes and other polearms, and both officers' and enlisted men's swords and cutlasses. Looks at the decoration of swords and the significance of the motifs used, concluding with a section on the process of manufacturing and the organizations involved. Hardbound, 10 color photos, 60 b&w photos and illustrations
7A6245R Naval Edged Wpns $34.95

Bayonets: An Illustrated History
by Martin J. Brayley. From Argentina to Yugoslavia, Mauser to Lee-Enfield, this latest book from longtime researcher and militaria expert Brayley provides an extensive and in-depth examination of bayonets from 37 countries, over 300 bayonets in all! Comprehensive reference covers the origin and evolution, as well as physical description, manufacturing data, service history and effectiveness of each model. Softcover, 256 pages, almost 500 color photos.
4A9870R Bayonets (Brayley) $29.95

The Military Knife & Bayonet by Homer M. Brett. Massive book packed with 392 pages of best quality studio color photos of 1000+ knives and bayonets. Organized alphabetically by country (more than 70 nations listed) and time span is 1700 to the present day. Includes standard as well as prototype and experimental models. Includes extensive coverage of Warsaw Pact nations and a large US section. Hardbound.
7Y2301 Mil. Knife & Bayonet $69.95

Kalashnikov Bayonets: The Collector's Guide to Bayonets for the AK and Its Variations by Martin D. Ivie. The AK47 and its variants as a group is one of the most prolific combat small arms of the 20th Century. As with most other combat small arms of historical significance, an interest in collecting AK variants and their accessories and accoutrements has developed. One of the main accessories for any combat rifle is the bayonet. This work is intended to aid both the novice and the advanced collector in identifying the various AK bayonet types and their countries of origin. The first part of this book is divided into chapters on the four main types of bayonets produced by the Russians: the AK47, the AKM Type I, the AKM Type II/Early AK74 and the AK74 bayonets. These chapters have sections showing examples of bayonets from each of the countries that produced the type discussed in the chapter. Photos showing the bayonets with scabbards and any distinctive markings are included. There are also comparative photos showing the differences between similar bayonets from different countries. Subsequent chapters cover Kalashnikov variation bayonets that do not fall in one of the four basic categories. These include chapters on the East German KM87 bayonet, the North Korean late AK47/AKM bayonets, the Indian INSAS bayonet, the Finnish Valmet bayonets, the bayonet for the South African R4, Chinese folding spike type bayonets, and the Chinese Type 81 bayonet. Vz58 rifles are not truly an AK variant, however, many collectors asked that they be included in this work and several provided the source material. Therefore, Chapter 14 covers Vz58 bayonets. Hardbound, 220 pages, over 180 pages of color photos
7X2093R AK Bayonets $59.95.

Randall Fighting Knives in Wartime WWII, Korea and Vietnam by Robert E. Hunt. Full color photos of rare Randall knives along with descriptive narrative and technical data for each photo. Up-to-date value guide for these very collectible pieces. Hardbound, 192 pages.
7T1778R Randall Fighters $44.95

Randall Military Models
Fighters, Bowies and Full Tang Knives by Robert E. Hunt. Bob Hunt's first book, Randall Fighting Knives in Wartime, provided him the opportunity for further study. In his second book, Hunt continues the process of identifying, describing and dating fighting knives produced in the dramatic early days of the Randall experience. This new volume provides a vast amount of material, carefully organized and presented to enable the reader to further his own research in the areas most interesting to him.
SECTION 1...The model 1 fighter has been around for 60 years and the design and makers name are well recognized. Section 1 includes photos of a number of rare all-purpose fighting knives.
SECTION 2...The oldest style of personal protection knife influencing Western civilization has been the double-edged type...a stabbing knife. This section features some of these knives and the "standardized" design adopted by Randall; periodically modified in order to satisfy the requirements of the time.
SECTION 3...Recognition is given in this section to several models developed during the span of years when troops were sent to Southeast Asia, as these knives are inseperable from this conflict.
SECTION 4...The heart of this book is the section on "carried knives" which features Randalls thaat have at least one of the several distinguishing requirements qualifying it to be considered a military model used in wartime. This section includes more than twenty-five examples, most never-before-photographed, that will introduce (to many for the first time) the attraction of the "used" knife.
SECTION 5...The Bowie knife was all but forgotten when the movie industry revived interest with Alan Ladd's The Iron Mistress. Recognizing that some of these models were carried in combat, we approach this section with that view in mind and represent the several distinct types that Randall created with a historical theme.
SECTION 6...Visual comparisons serve in aiding us to learn more about the subtleties in the development stages and evolution of the knives that we collect. In this section, pairings appear without their sheaths, providing a better image of the knives depicted. This presentation allows the reader an opportunity to observe and compare knives on their own, in various pairs, sets and groups of like models.
SECTION 7...In the eyes of some, the sheath makes the knife. Ask any collector; without the one, the other will be reduced in value. Therefore, we have included a section on sheaths that should be instructive and serve to better illustrate the points of reference made in the general text of the book. Hardbound, 304 pages (including 150 full color).
7T1953R Randall Military Models $74.95

THE U.S. M-3 TRENCH KNIFE OF WORLD WAR TWO by Vincent J. Coniglio and Robert S. Laden. 2003 reference book on a hot WWII collectible, filled with information for collectors and researchers. Authors examined hundreds of knives from Boker, Camillus, Imperial, Case, etc. and present an extensive catalog of these knives along with finish information, sheaths, packaging, etc. Softbound, 41 pages, illustrated. Includes 2003 Price Guide.
7X3666R M-3 Trench Knife $18.00

Knives of the U.S. Military in Vietnam by Mike Silvey, author of US Military Knives, Collectors Guide. Very, very nice. Full page photos of the best known and most important combat knives from the Vietnam era: SOG knives, Randall, Gerber, John Ek and other manufacturers such as Nguyen Dan, dive knives, Milpar,
Marble, Western, Parsons, Buck, etc. Hardbound, 139 pages, all color photos.
7D5440R Knives of US Mi. VN $40.00

Knives of the U.S. Military in World War II by Mike Silvey, author of Knives of the US Military Vietnam. 240 full page color plates show 425 military knives grouped with original WW2 memorabilia. Includes both standard and limited (OSS, Rangers) type knives. Includes knives issued by other Allies and private purchase as well. Hardbound, 250 pages, color photos.
7D5441R Knives of US Mil. WW2 $60.00

Pocket Knives of the United States Military by Michael W. Silvey. Color illustrated historical chronology beginning with the first folders of the early 1800s and ending with the high tech knives of the 21st Century. Almost 200 different issue pocket knives are shown, some never previously published. Hardbound, 135 pages, heavily illustrated.
xx5442R Pocket Knives $24.95

The Best of U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes
by M.H. Cole (1911-1999), edited by Michael W. Silvey. It's here at long last, a compilation of ALL of Cole's landmark military knife books (1, 2, 3 and 4). Almost a complete reprint, reorganized and presented in a logical and usable way with all those gorgeous line drawings. For reasons of space, some pieces were omitted, but these are primarily one-of-a-kind knives that the average collector is unlikely to come across. THE standard reference on US military fighting and working knives, bayonets, etc. Hardbound, large format, 334 pages, hundreds of illustrations.
7Y1260R Best of Cole $59.95

Bowie Knives and Bayonets from the Ben Palmer Collection by Ben Palmer, Bill Moran and Jim Phillips. After a ten year absence, the revised and expanded 2nd edition is now available. More than 300 makers, distributors and dealers have been added to the makers list. Has a complete chapter on Bowie knife photography with a 50 image gallery of knife holders from the Mexican War, Civil War, and the taming of the West. There is a new chapter on Bowie law and several unpublished Bowie documents. Standard reference on the most American of knives. Hardbound, 224 pages, many photos.
7S7237R Ben Palmer Bowies $49.95

The Earliest Commando Knives by Dr. William Windrum. Detailed account of the Shanghai originals, Wilkinson Sword models and all the rare and early variants of the Sykes-Fairbairn knives. Softbound, 80 pages, photos.
7X7236R Earliest Cdo Knives $9.95

Clandestine Edged Weapons by Dr. William Windrum. Includes a wide variety of thumb knives, penetrating knives, garrote knives, F-S variants, smatchets, Fair Sword, etc. Softbound, 74 pages, photos.
7X7238R Clandestine Edged Wpns $9.95

United States Military Knives, Bayonets and Machetes Price Guide by Silvey, Boyd and Trzaska. 4th Ed. Completely revised and expanded edition of the only price guide to U.S. military edged weapons - knives, bayonets and, now, machetes! Cross-referenced to nine of the most popular identification guides on the subject such as Cole III and Janzen's Bayonets, this book is an inexpensive way to know what your collection is worth. A must for dealers and collectors alike. Softcover, 32 pp.
7S5831R Mil. Knives Price Guide $7.95

Theater Made Military Knives of World War II by Bill and Debbie Wright. One of the hottest areas of military edged weapons collecting and especially rewarding as there is an almost limitless variety of these handmade pieces. Designed specifically for the collector who wants to educate himself about these knives and their values. Hardbound, 256 pages, 420+ color photos.
6E1390R Theater Made Knives $59.95

Allied Military Fighting Knives And the Men Who Made Them Famous by Robert A. Buerlein. A classic book now back in print details the background, development and variations of both common and unusual combat knives. Firsthand accounts by and in-depth interviews with the men who used them in battle, including U.S. Marine Raiders, U.S. Army Rangers, U.S., Canadian and British airborne units, Gurkhas, the First Special Service Force, the OSS and SOE, and even officers of the Shanghai Municipal Police. In addition to its focus on military issue blades, devotes chapters to two of the leading private companies that provided knives to soldiers in all war zones-Ek and Randall. Softbound, 185 pages, photos, illus.
2J0290R Allied Mil Fight Knives $35.00

Les Baionnettes 1840-1918. Spectacular pictorial (from Gazette des Uniformes) on the numerous French bayonets of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Combines vintage photos of French troops with color, collector oriented photos of many varieties of Chassepot, Gras, Remington, Lebel, Berthier, etc. bayonets from France and her overseas colonies. French language. Softbound, large format, 78 pages.
7X0008R Les Baionnettes $24.95

American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century by Gary M. Cunningham. New publication is a guide for collectors. Includes notes on makers, markings, finishes, variations, scabbards and production data. They're all here from the 1892 Krag bayonet to the latest M9. All blades, handles and scabbards are clearly illustrated with line drawings. Detailed information on contracts and manufacturers. Softbound, 116 pages, heavily illustrated.
7D2208R American Mil. Bayonets $19.95

German Sidearms and Bayonets by Klaus Lubbe. An instant classic! New book is pure reference material covering all German bayonets, short swords, trench knives and cutlasses from 1740 to 1945 with price guide. As complete a discussion and documentation of German side arm type edged weapons as you will find. Bilingual, German and English. Hardbound, 363 pages, hundreds of high-quality b&w photos complement the detailed descriptions, with close-ups of unit markings, model markings, and makers proofs.
7S0102R German Sidearms $30.00

Seitengewehr by George T. Wheeler. A history of the German bayonet, 1919-1945. Major new resource for the edged weapon collector. Covers military and civil bayonets, dress, field, foreign, accessories such as frogs and knots. 480 photos (b&w and color), price guide. Much needed! Hardbound, 328 pages. (use linked text for photo and more information)
6A3878R Seitengewehr $44.95

Socket Bayonets of the Great Powers by Robert W. Shuey. Heavily illustrated, collector's guide to socket bayonets. Highlights variations and features of these bayonets to aid the collector with fast, easy identification. Covers U.S., Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Softbound, 96 pages, 133 photos, 78 illus.
7X6619R Socket Bayonets $22.95

Daggers and Bayonets by Logan Thompson. A history of military daggers and bayonets. Covers antique patterns of daggers and bayonets as well as 20th Century examples. One chapter on gathering, restoring and preserving an edged weapons collection. Hardbound, 128 pages, crisp b&w photos.
2J0046R Daggers and Bayonets $30.00

The Bowie Knife by Raymond Thorp. After 45 years, an economical reprint of this classic reference! Wonderful account of Jim Bowie, his knife and the many desperate fights and duels that made the Bowie knife the deadliest weapon in pre-Colt's revolver America. Softbound, 168 pages, photos, drawings
2G7223R The Bowie Knife $10.95

Civil War Knives by Marc Newman. Covers the knife designs, the cutlers who made them, the men who carried them and the historical events associated with them. Rare and common examples of cut-down swords, poignards, patriotic and presentation knives, Bowies, etc. Hardbound, 120 pages, hundreds of excellent photos, illus.
2J4999R C.W. Knives $44.95

The First Commando Knives by Prof. Kelly Yeaton, LTC Samuel L. Yeaton and COL Rex Applegate. Evolution of the Fairbairn-Sykes commando dagger from the first toolroom prototypes from the Shanghai Police Armories to the wartime F-S and USMC Raider knives and, ultimately, current variations designed by Applegate, this is the untold story. Softbound, 115 pages, photos.
7D7225R First Commando Knives $12.95

British and Commonwealth Military Knives by Ron Flook. This is the first major reference on knives issued to British and Commonwealth military personnel from approximately 1850 until the present day. Over 500 knives are illustrated and described, with many of the pieces identified for the first time in any book. The extensive research conducted by the author has enabled him to disprove previously published information, making this the definitive guide for collectors, museums an dealers. Individual chapters focus on Victorian knives, those used in both World Wars, Special Operations Executive (SOE) items, aircrew and Royal Navy knives. Australian, Canadian, Indian and New Zealand knives are also included and the author identifies, fir the first time, items such as the RAF commando knife and previously unrecorded patterns of Robbins of Dudley knives. He also documents the history of the commando knife in the post-second world war period. Hardbound, 256 pages, fully illustrated in b/w, bibliography, end notes, index.
7S8233R Brit. Military Knives $49.95

Randall Made Knives by Robert L. Gaddis. The authorized history of Bo Randall and his blades. From 1936 to the present as son, Gary Randall, carries on, they're all here-the Fighters, Skinners and Bowies, catalogs, correspondence, interviews, and rare photos of the knives and the men who made them. Hardbound, 304 pages.
2J4711 Randall Made Knives $59.95

The Samurai Sword by John M. Yumoto. For decades, the standard handbook on the Japanese sword. Deals with the origins and development of the sword, historical background, types of swords, parts, styles, differences in construction, identification and maintenance. Includes hundreds of smith signatures with relative values assigned. No edged weapons library complete without this one! Hardbound,191 pages, illus.
2D0509R The Samurai Sword $21.95

American Swords and Sword Makers by Richard H. Bezdek. At long last, a definitive, one volume reference on American swords, sword makers and sword dealers from Colonial times to the present. Contains a huge amount of data on other edged weapons as well-knives, dirks, lances, pikes, halberds, tomahawks, bayonets, etc. 200 photos of U.S. and Confederate swords and sabers. Hardbound, 648 pages.
2J4765R American Swords $79.95

American Swords and Sword Makers, Vol. 2 by Richard H. Bezdek. Follow-up volume has a bonanza of new information. Covers makers and sellers of swords, Bowies, tomahawks and guns as well as silversmiths who mounted swords. New info on CW swords, both North and South, Tiffany presentation swords, etc. Hardbound, 376 pages, 400 photos.
2J0016R American Swords, Vol. 2 $69.95

Collecting The Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. 1 by LTC Thomas M. Johnson. Standard reference on the issue blades of Nazi Germany. Valuations of all WWII German edged weapons and accoutrements. Hardbound, 343 pages, extensively illustrated.
7D9061R Collecting Edged Wpns,1 $58.50

Collecting The Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. 2 by LTC Thomas M. Johnson. Key documentation from Solingen-orders, letters, etc. designed to separate fact from fiction. Hardbound, 349 pages, extensively illustrated.
7D9062R Collecting Edged Wpns, 2 $58.50

Collecting The Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. 3 by LTC Thomas M. Johnson. Features the foremost edged weapons museum in the world, the Solingen Deutsches Klingenmuseum. Much new information on art, rare and "personality" blades. Hardbound, 349 pages, extensively illustrated.
7D9063R Collecting Edged Wpns, 3 $58.50

Collecting The Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. 4 by LTC Thomas M. Johnson. Legal aspects of ownership of war booty, role of the RZM in manufacture of edged weapons and a section on rare and unusual Nazi blades. Hardbound, 343 pages, extensively illustrated.
7D9064R Collecting Edged Wpns, 4 $58.50

Collecting The Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. 5 by LTC Thomas M. Johnson. In-depth examination of SS daggers, government officials' blades, information on photographing, displaying and maintaining your collection. Hardbound, 350 pages, extensively illustrated.
7D9068R Collecting Edged Wpns, 5 $58.50

Collecting The Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. 6 by LTC Thomas M. Johnson. Materials and production techniques used in the manufacture of German edged weapons. Includes Eickhorn showroom swords, Paul Müller Damascus blades, etc. Update on market values. Hard., 338 pp, extensively illus.
7D3201R Collecting Edged Wpns, 6 $58.50

Collecting The Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. 7 by LTC Thomas M. Johnson. In-depth look at the materials and production techniques of German edged weapons. Looks at TENO blades, Steinbach (the "other Solingen", located in the former East Germany), newly documented blades such as the Martin Bormann SS Honor Sword, WWII boot knives and more. Hardbound, 370 pages, hundreds of photos.
7D3204R Coll. Edged Wpns, Vol. 7 $58.50

Collecting The Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. 8 by LTC Thomas M. Johnson. New! First person account of author's ties to manufacturing firms in Solingen, many photos of these firms, past and present. Exhaustive study of dress sidearms, truth about the Hermann Göring dress dagger, current market prices and much more. Hardbound, 364 pages, hundreds of top notch photos.
7D3205R Coll. Edged Wpns, Vol. 8 $58.50

Collecting The Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany, Vol. 1 by LTC Johnson and Thomas T. Wittmann. Military, civilian and governmental swords and daggers of Imperial Germany. Complete chapter on Imperial Hirschfänger and an intense study of WWI close-combat and trench knives. Hardbound, 363 pages, 12 page color section, extensively illustrated.
7D9060R Edged Wpns of Imp. Ger., 1 $48.50

Bayonets by Jerry Janzen. Revised edition. The late Jerry Janzen had a collection of over 1,000 bayonets, many not previously cataloged. He illustrated and described these bayonets and arranged them by country of origin. The result is a massive book that allows you to identify almost any bayonet. Includes an extensive bibliography of related reference books. Jerry Janzen died suddenly in 1998. He was a great guy and his books stand as the basic references for bayonet collectors. Hardbound, 252 pp
7D7699R Bayonets $34.95