British Forces and Wars

Special Air Service (SAS)

The Insurrection in Mesopotamia, 1920
Reprint of Lieutenant General Sir Aylmer Haldane's "The Insurrection in Mesopotamia, 1920". First published in 1922, this is the story of the revolt of Shite Muslims in Iraq during the summer and fall of 1920. The author, commander of the IV Corps on the Western Front for three years, was both the military and civil head of British forces in Iraq and Persia. When the revolt broke out in May 1920 at Tel Afar, he was faced with 130,000 armed men against a very small British and Indian Army garrison. His successes have been noted by British and American commanders currently serving in that country. There are chapters on the relief operations at Raumaithah, Kufah, and Samawah and other combat operations at Hellah and Dwaniyah plus much more. Of particular importance is the background of the revolt, factors which still impact Iraq today, and the conclusions he presents for warfare in that country. Hardbound, 352 pages, 60 photos, 10 maps.
1E6291R Insurrection in Mesopotami $49.95

Sleeping with Your Ears Open. On Patrol with the Australian SAS by Gary McKay. An insider's account of one of the world's most elite military units. Offers fresh insight into the heart and soul of the Australian Army's Special Air Service Regiment, a comprehensive examination of SAS ops and the men who conducted them. It debunks the myths and clearly describes the rigors of the SAS selection process, extensive training in Papua New Guinea, and details of combat behind enemy lines in Borneo and South Vietnam. The diverse and individual approach of the SAS patrol commanders and how this was central to the success of their operations also is examined. Soft., 307 pages.
7S8297R Sleeping With Ears Open $17.95

The SAS Rescue Mission Sierra Leone 2000 by William Fowler. The British Army has done 'peacemaking' so well that the horrific risks involved in patrols in strange lands riven by ancient hatreds are only rarely understood by the soldiers themselves. In September 2000 the dangers were suddenly highlighted by the capture of eleven British soldiers by a notorious militia gang in Sierra Leone. The successful rescue mission mounted by their Army comrades makes for a great tale. Softbound, 224 pages, photos, maps.
7R4628R Op Barras $12.95

Dangerous Destinations
by Andrew Duncan and Michel Opatowski. British pocket guide for the serious traveller or journalist covers the world's most dangerous travel destinations, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Each destination has a concise, but detailed, historical background to the causes of conflict, with information about what has happened, what is currently happening, attempts to resolve the situation and what the future may hold. The authors do not criticize or offer answers, but concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of possible options. They also assess the likelihood of violence spreading from the original outbreak. Advice on travel safety from organizations such as the Foreign Office and Commonwealth Office is supported with maps of the area and a list of useful websites for further information. Softbound, 288 pages, illustrated.
7Y2978R Dangerous Dest. $14.95

SAS Shadow Warriors of 21st Century The Special Air Service Anti-Terrorist Team by Barry Davies, former serving member for 18 years with 22 SAS. Focuses on the SAS anti-terrorism mission with details on training techniques, little known weapons and equipment. Includes first hand accounts, dozens of previously unpublished photos. Hard., 192 pages.
7Y8315R SAS: Shadow Warriors $29.95

SAS: Secret War in South-East Asia by Peter Dickens. From 1963 to 1966 Britain successfully waged a secret war to keep the Federation of Malaya free from domination by Sukarno's Indonesia and by Chinese Communists. At the forefront of the campaign was the SAS, an elite branch of the British army whose essence is secrecy and whose tools are bold initiative, surprise, and skill. By talking to those who were there, Peter Dickens has recreated what it was like to fight in the jungles and rainforests of Malaysia. In telling this dramatic story, he captures the bravery and relentless pursuit of excellence that make the SAS the elite and prestigious unit it is. Softbound, 304 pages, 16 pages of photos.
7A7573R SAS: Secret War SEA $19.95

The British Army in World War I (1) The Western Front 1914­16. Written and illustrated by Mike Chappell. Men-at-Arms 391 is the first of three titles on the British Army covers the Western Front up to the end of the battle of the Somme. They explain and illustrate uniform, insignia, weapons and equipment of the British Army, and also the organization, training and leadership by which they operated. Softbound, 48 pages, illus.
7A6399R British Army in WWI $14.95

Shoot to Kill by Michael Asher. Memoir of Asher's service with the elite of the British Army, including 2 Para and 23 SAS. Had a few copies of this book from Canada some years ago and response was good but supply was limited until now. Softbound, 280 pages.
7Y6628R Shoot To Kill $9.95

Royal Marine Commandos Britain's Green Berets by Simon Dunstan. Spearhead 11 is packed with images and data on one of Britain's premier elite units in the Second World War. Following the loss of Norway and Churchill's 'butcher and bolt' order of summer 1940, the first (army) Commandos were developed. Actions included Dieppe, Torch, Husky, taking the islands of Monte Cristo, and Pantelleria in June l943, Salerno and Anzio, Overlord, the capture of Walcheren and crossing the Rhine at Arnhem, Elsewhere, Commandos performed with great glory in the Desert War and in the Middle East, where Nos. 50, 51 and 52 Commandos fought in the battle of Crete, and in actions in Eritrea and Abyssinia. Softbound, 96 pages
7Y2977R Spearhead 11: R Marine Cdos $19.95

Blondie The Life of Lieutenant-Colonel HG Hasler DSO, OBE, RM, founder of the SBS and Modern Single-handed Ocean Racing by Ewen Southby -Tailyour. Hasler was the leader of the famous 'Cockleshell Heroes'. He designed the canoes which were used in the operation, he recruited and trained the twelve men who made up this most secret team and led them on their daring mission, code name 'Operation Frankton', to attack enemy shipping in Bordeaux harbor. And Hasler was one of the two survivors. Softbound, 432 pages, illus.
7Y2956R Blondie $24.95

Long Range Desert Group. World War II Action in North Africa by W. B. Kennedy Shaw. Throughout the fighting in North Africa in World War II, which began with the Italian declaration of war in June 1940 and ended with the capture of Tunis in May 1943, the LRDG excelled in the role of special forces. W. B. Kennedy Shaw served as an Intelligence Officer with this remarkable British unit, and here, in this classic account, he relates their daring exploits far behind the enemy's lines. Small yet potent and destructive, the Group proved outstanding in special missions against Rommel's Afrika Korps. Softbound, 272 pages, 46 photos.
7A7407R LRDG by Shaw $18.95

Canadian Forces in World War II. No 359 in the Men-At-Arms series. Photos and color plates of the uniforms and gear worn by the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who served from Hong Kong to Dieppe. Includes a complete list of infantry and armored units. Softbound, 48 pages, color plates, B&W photos.
7A7302R Canadian Forces in WW2 $14.95

The Earliest Commando Knives by Dr. William Windrum. Detailed account of the Shanghai originals, Wilkinson Sword models and all the rare and early variants of the Sykes-Fairbairn knives. Softbound, 80 pages, photos.
7X7236R Earliest Cdo Knives $9.95

Clandestine Edged Weapons by Dr. William Windrum. Includes a wide variety of thumb knives, penetrating knives, garrote knives, F-S variants, smatchets, Fair Sword, etc. Softbound, 74 pages, photos.
7X7238R Clandestine Edged Wpns $9.95

British and Commonwealth Military Knives by Ron Flook. This is the first major reference on knives issued to British and Commonwealth military personnel from approximately 1850 until the present day. Over 500 knives are illustrated and described, with many of the pieces identified for the first time in any book. The extensive research conducted by the author has enabled him to disprove previously published information, making this the definitive guide for collectors, museums an dealers. Individual chapters focus on Victorian knives, those used in both World Wars, Special Operations Executive (SOE) items, aircrew and Royal Navy knives. Australian, Canadian, Indian and New Zealand knives are also included and the author identifies, fir the first time, items such as the RAF commando knife and previously unrecorded patterns of Robbins of Dudley knives. He also documents the history of the commando knife in the post-second world war period. Hardbound, 256 pages, fully illustrated in b/w, bibliography, end notes, index.
7S8233R Brit. Military Knives $49.95

The Rigger by Jack Williams. Subject of an attempted ban by Britain's MOD. Williams and his colleagues in the specialist Royal Corps of Signals unit supporting the SAS in Northern Ireland had to climb towers and maintain vital communications, often in full view and under fire from terrorists. This is a little-known area of the war, a firsthand account of previously unknown operations and techniques. Hardbound, 224 pages, illus.
7X2817R The Rigger $29.95

British Cavalry Equipment 1800-1941. No 138 in the Men-At-Arms series. Revised reprint shows the uniforms and gear of the British Cavalry in the Napoleonic Wars, Colonial period, WWI and early WWII. Softbound, 48 pages, color plates, B&W photos.
7A6471R Brit Cav Equip $14.95

British Army 1939-45 (2) North Africa & Sicily. No 368 in the Men-At-Arms series. Concentrates on the tropical uniforms and equipment of the 1st and 8th Armies in North Africa and Italy. Softbound, 48 pages, color plates, B&W photos.
7A6237R Brit Army 1939-45 (2) $14.95

Tales From the King's African Rifles by John Nunneley. Fascinating first person account of classic colonial soldiering with the K.A.R. in East Africa and Burma. If you like Hemingway and Capstick, you'll like this! Hardbound, 212 pages, photos
1B5977R Tales from KAR $11.95

Black Water. By Strength and By Guile by Don Camsell. New book is an inside look at the Royal Marines SBS and its most secret operations. You'll see what life is like inside an SBS Troop and experience missions underneath a Soviet cruiser in Gibraltar and against IRA gunmen in Ireland. Very rare look at this low profile unit from a man who was in many of Britain's conflicts for the past 30 years, including Iraq and the Falklands. Hardbound, 288 pages, photos.
7S8300R Black Water $29.95

The Indian Army 1914-1947 by Nicholas Sekunda. No. 75 in the Osprey Elite series. In 1914, the Indian Army was the largest volunteer force in the world. By 1918, it was larger still; 600,000 strong. It made a major contribution in both World Wars and was divided between India and Pakistan in 1947. Softbound, 64 pages, b&w photos, 10 color plates, diagrams.
7A6196R Indian Army 1914-47 $16.95

He Who Dares by David Sutherland. Recollections of service in the SAS, SBS, and MI5. Author served with British special forces in the Aegean Sea theater, raiding airfields on German held islands. He went on to a 25 year Cold War career with British intelligence. Hardbound, 224 pages, photos.
7R0346R He Who Dares $34.95

History of the Long Range Desert Group. Providence Their Guide by MG David Lloyd Owen. GPS wasn't an option in WW2 and the desert terrain can be tricky. The LRDG used dead reckoning and astral navigation to guide other special units, such as the SAS, to their targets. Insider's account of these British, New Zealand and Rhodesian troops who used specially modified light trucks on exotic missions behind Axis lines in Africa. Hard., 256 pages, illus.
2E2712R History of LRDG $36.95

SAS: Gulf Warriors by Steve Crawford. British book which is a guide to all aspects of SAS Ops in Desert Storm. Includes Gulf specific training, hardware, tactics, etc. Softbound, 192 pages, many excellent photos.
7X1698R SAS: Gulf Warriors $22.95

Fighting Skills of the SAS by Mike Robinson. Yes, covers armed and unarmed fighting techniques, but also the equally essential but more passive arts such as observation, medical and survival skills. Excellent one volume primer on the basics of SAS style warfare. Softbound, 192 pages, color/b&w photos and illus
7X7712R Fighting Skills of SAS $22.95

Joining the SAS by Barry Davies. Becoming one of 200 SAS soldiers is an incredibly difficult task. Here Davies shows how it's done with an insider's view of SAS history, preparation, route selection, continuation training, survival training, jungle, desert and arctic terrains and the makeup of SAS Squadrons and special purpose teams and ops. Hardbound, 214 pages, photos.
7X7714R Joining the SAS $22.95

SAS in Action by Chris Chant. Pictorial has color illustrations of SAS operators and campaigns worldwide-WW2, Malaya, Oman, Northern Ireland, Falklands and the Gulf. Includes well illustrated chapters on equipment and techniques. Hardbound, 96 pages, color illus.
7X2226R SAS in Action $14.95

SAS Survival Handbook by John "Lofty" Wiseman, available again, this long time favorite with the complete SAS survival course. How to survive outdoors, on land or sea, in any weather, in any part of the world. Softbound, 288 pages, heavily illustrated in color and B&W.
5C0516R SAS Survival $22.95

SAS Survival Guide by John "Lofty" Wiseman. Great bargain packs almost 400 pages of Wiseman's incomparable knowledge of survival and fieldcraft into a truly pocket size book. Essentials on survival in all terrains, situations and climates. Soft., 384 pages, color/b&w illus.
7X2302R SAS Survival Guide $9.95

The SAS In Ireland by Raymond Murray. Out of print for several years, now back in a new revised edition, updated through early 2004. Highly critical exposé (from the Irish point of view) of the activities of the Special Air Service in Ireland over the past thirty years. Details such SAS activities as intelligence gathering and surveillance, links them with MI5 and MI6 and accuses them of complicity in sectarian violence. First look at a "most secret" area of British operations. Softbound, 542 pages, photos.
5T5437R SAS in Ireland $37.95

True Stories of the S.B.S. by Robin Hunter. Brit paperback with some very hard-to-find information on the Royal Marines' super secret Special Boat Squadron. Soft., 248 pages, photos.
7X0148R True Stories of SBS Not Presently Available

British Infantry Equipments (2) 1908-2000. Newly revised edition of MAA 108 covers all types of British Army field equipment and load bearing gear from just after the turn of the century to the present. Softbound, 48 pages, color plates, B&W photos.
7A2839R Brit Inf Equip 2 $14.95

The Long Range Desert Group 1941-45 by Robin Jenner and David List. Available again, a new edition of this excellent Vanguard book on the cutting edge British recon unit. The LRDG operated almost continually behind or on the flanks of the Axis forces for over two years in North Africa. Softbound, 48 pages, b&w photos, color plates.
7A2958R Vanguard 32: LRDG $14.95

The Royal Marines in the '90s by Andy Evans. No. 21 in the Europa Militaria series. 1997 pictorial with many color photos of this elite British force trained for rapid intervention in any terrain. Coverage of the Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre, Commachio Group, snipers, light and heavy equipment, etc. Softbound, 64 pages, many photos.
7D5072R Royal Marines in the '90s $19.95

The Royal Marines 1939-1993 by Nick Van Der Bijl. Osprey Elite 57 covers the Royal Marines from WWII through the Gulf War. Soft., 64 pP, 50+ photos, 12 pages of color plates.
7A2413R Elite 57: Royal Marines $14.95

The Royal Marines by J.L. Moulton. Marine General Moulton tells the history of the Royal Marines from 1664 through the post-War period. Includes information on flying Marines, bands, and a concise general history of the seafaring regiments. Softbound, 153 pages, photos.
7D2352R The Royal Marines $7.95

SAS Survival Handbook by John "Lofty" Wiseman. The complete text of the original million copy bestseller of Wiseman's complete SAS survival course is now in a more portable 5x9" format so you'll have it along when needed. All the answers for all situations, climates and terrains in one book. Softbound.
7X3140R SAS Surv HB $19.95

SAS Encyclopedia of Survival by Barry Davies, BEM (see his SAS Escape Evasion Survival video elsewhere in the catalog). Brand new book by 18 year SAS vet Davies is the last word on modern military survival techniques. Hundreds of full color photos and diagrams accompany the extensive text. Everything from the basics of assembling and using a survival kit, to GPS land navigation, survival, escape and evasion in all types of terrain. Everything is indexed and cross-referenced. Hardbound, large format, 256 pages.
7X7866R SAS Encyc Surv $39.95

Video - The Story of the SAS. Video history of the 22nd SAS Regiment, world's most renowned military unit, from the early days in the North African desert through combat in Asian jungles, African mountains and the heart of London. Includes previously unseen footage and interviews. VHS, 65 minutes. (delayed at present - late release)
7X1895V Video - Story of SAS $24.95

Video - SAS Weapons and Training. Video account is a first hand look at SAS weapons handling and close quarter battle techniques. Includes unarmed combat as well, plus bodyguarding, demo and anti-terrorist procedures. VHS, 60 minutes.
7X2254V Video - SAS Wpns/Tng Not Presently Available

Video - SAS Escape Evasion Survival. Video presented by Barry Davies, BEM (see his Encyclopedia of Survival elsewhere in the catalog). Video uses the "Bravo 20" scenario to drive home the SERE training lessons. A four man patrol is compromised, fights effectively but ultimately is captured and the men tortured. But one man escapes...VHS, 60 minutes.
7X2254V Video - SAS Survival E&E Not Presently Available

SAS: The Illustrated History by Barry Davies, BEM. Drawing from Barry's personal collection of 3,000 unpublished photographs, this book is the first pictorial history of "The Regiment". Each of the 300 color and b&w photos was taken by Barry or his colleagues, and each is accompanied by two or three paragraphs of explanatory text. Every area of SAS training, specialist duties and operational activities in every theater of war is captured here on film. Yes, there are a few classic photos you've seen before, but there are many you may not have, like Charles and Di in the "Killing House" and a dead terrorist at Princes Gate. Softbound, 224 pages, 300 photos.
7X0197R SAS: Illus. History $19.95

The SAS Sex Survival Guide (formerly in hardbound as Married to the SAS) by Frances Nicholson, ex-wife of Andy McNab (author of Bravo 20). She has had affairs and relationships with many other agents as well. Now, Nicholson has spoken to other women who have been close to the action to write this unusual account. 1997 tell-all book offers a very different look at the men of "The Regiment" from those who know them best-their wives. Softbound, 314 pages.
7D2205R S The SAS Sex Survival Guide $7.95

The Special Air Service. Osprey book on the world's most elite special unit. Over 30 photos and 8 color plates show the uniforms and men of the SAS from the early days in Egypt in 1941 to the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980. Includes a concise history of SAS formations from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Rhodesia. 40 pages, softbound
7A5396A Osprey: SAS $14.95

SAS: Phantoms of War by D.M. Horner. Updated edition through 2002! Story of the Australian SAS at war in Borneo and Vietnam. In addition to their jungle combat exploits, the Australian SAS, like the 22nd SAS in England, maintains a crack counterterror strike force in readiness. 520 pages, 120 photos, softbound
1E9139R SAS: Phantoms of Jungle $34.95

Army Commandos 1940-1945 by Mike Chappell. No. 64 in the Osprey Elite series describes the birth of British Special Forces and how their daring raids helped British morale and dispirited the German forces during the first two difficult years of WWII. A very good one in the series. 64 pages, softbound, b&w photos, color plates.
7A2579R Osprey: Army Commandos $14.95

Soldier, Soldier by Tony Parker. Probably the most detailed view of the modern British soldier ever published. The author spent 18 months with the Royal Anglian Regt. in Germany, Belize, Cyprus and Northern Ireland. His observations of life for soldiers of every rank and their families are memorable and true to life. 245 pages, hardbound
5S7770R Soldier, Soldier $8.95

The Paras, British Airborne Forces 1940-1984 by Gregor Ferguson. Number 1 of the Osprey Elite series. History of the Red Devils is enhanced by a large number of photos and color plates giving detailed information on Para. Regt. uniforms, equipment and insignia. 64 pages, softbound
7A5573R Elite 1: The Paras $16.95

The Boer Wars 1836-1902 by Ian Knight. No 301 in the Men-At-Arms series is the first of two volumes (1836-1896) on the Boers, their system of warfare, conflicts with British and Africans. Softbound, 48 pages, color plates, b&w photos.
7A2612R The Boer Wars, Vol. 1 $14.95

The Boer Wars 1898-1902 by Ian Knight. No 303 in the Men-At-Arms series is the second volume. A look at a brutal war of attrition, the dawning of a new era of warfare and the British style of counter-guerrilla warfare. Softbound, 48 pages, color plates, B&W photos.
7A2612R The Boer Wars, Vol. 1 $14.95

The Guards 1914-45 by Mike Chappell. Osprey Elite No. 61 profiles the elite formations-Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Welsh, Irish-who fought in every theater in two wars. Softbound, 64 pages.
7A2546R Elite 61 The Guards 1914-45 $16.95

Osprey titles on British Military History
Titles focus on British military units and eras. Each has 40 pages of well informed text as well as color and B&W photos and color plates: Each is $14.95
7A5827R British Army on Campaign 1882-1902
7A5127R British Army on Campaign-Crimea 1854-56
7A2168R British Territorial Units 1914-1918
7A5727R British Battle Insignia 1914-18
7A5739R British Battle Insignia 1939-45
7A5568R Royal Marines 1956-84
7A5287R British Army 1914-18
7A5387R British Battledress 1937-61
7A5476R Malayan Campaign
7A5482R Falklands Land Forces
7A5492R Falklands Naval Forces
7A5493R Falklands Air Forces
7A5256R The Zulu War

The British Army in the 1980s, Osprey Elite No. 14. As with all the books in this series, has both photos and color plates showing up-to-the-minute detail on the field and dress uniforms and equipment of the 1980s British Army. 64 pages, softbound
7A5796R Elite 14: British Army $14.95

Redcaps: British Military Police Units by Mike Chappell. No. 65 in the Osprey Elite series. Examines one of the oldest units in the British Army, from the early (and brutal) Provost Marshals, through exemplary performances in the world wars, Korea and the Falklands. 64 pages, softbound
7A2670R Elite 65: Redcaps $16.95

British Forces in Zululand 1879. No. 32 in the Osprey Elite series. As with all the books in this series, has both photos and color plates showing accurate detail on the British forces arrayed in the Zulu War. 64 pages, softbound
7A2109R British Forces in Zululand 1879 $16.95

The Piper in Peace and War by C.A. Malcolm. First ever reprint of this scarce 1927 classic! Original copies fetch top prices from antiquarian booksellers when available. From James Reid, executed for possessing and using an "instrument of war", to wit, a set of pipes, to the exploits of the hundreds of pipers who went over the top in World War One, this is a book that will excite any true Scot. You'll read about Piper Mackay playing outside the square at Waterloo, and Pipers Laidlaw and Findlater whose exploits won them the Victoria Cross. The Piper in Peace and War is crammed with information on the history of piping throughout the British forces. You'll find chapters on 22 Regiments including: Scots Guards, Royal Scots, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), Highland Light Infantry, Seaforth Highlanders, Gordon Highlanders, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Royal Navy and Marines, etc., etc. Hard., 290 pages in length and has eight illustrations. It includes thumbnail biographical sketches of 80 famous Army pipers and is completely indexed.
3C5800R Piper in Peace and War $29.95

Scottish Infantry Units in the World Wars by Mike Chappell. Osprey Elite 56 is a well illustrated account of a popular subject. Soft., 64 pages, 50+ photos, 12 pages of color plates.
7A2469R Scottish Inf. In World Wars $16.95

Wellington's Highlanders by S. Reid and B. Fosten. Osprey book (#253) on the Highland Regts. of the early 19th Century. Softbound, 48 pages.
7A2256R Wellington's Highlanders $14.95

British Troops in the Indian Mutiny by Michael Barthorpe. Covers the uniforms of both the British and Indian troops who suppressed the Great Mutiny, 1857-1859. Softbound, 48 pages
7A2369R Brit Trps in Indian Mutiny $14.95

Security Forces in Northern Ireland by Tim Ripley and Mike Chappell. No. 44 in the Osprey Elite Series covers R. Marines, Army, RUC, Irish Forces from 1969 to 1992. Includes some very up-to-date photos of British field gear. Softbound, 64 pages, includes 12 pages of color plates.
7A2278R Scty Forces in N. Ireland $16.95

Military Operations in China 1900-1901. Rare 1903 study by British intelligence is a substantial book covering the rise of the Boxer societies, the siege and relief of Peking and on through the conclusion of operations. The most detailed account possible of this episode. Hardbound, 521 pages, plus maps.
1E9215R Military Ops in China $59.95