Elite Units

Special Ops. Journal of the Elite Forces & SWAT Units. This is a new publication, edited by Samuel M. Katz. Each volume is 64 pages, many color photos with up-to-date articles on military and police elites.
Volume 1 includes: NYPD ESU, US Navy Small Boat Units, Foreign Legion 3e REI in Guyana, Israeli Defense Forces Airborne Corps, 11th Netherlands Airmobile Brigade and the Jordanian Special Ops forces.
Volume 2 includes: Swedish Rangers, Metro Dade SWAT, Argentinian Counterterrorist units, Israel's Commando cops, Ottawa Tactical Group, Italy's Amphibious Lagunari.
Volume 3 includes: US Diplomatic Security Service, Germany's KSK, LAPD SWAT, Britain's 5 Airborne Brigade, Folgore Parachute Brigade, US Marshals Service
Volume 4 includes: RCMP ERT, Dutch SBS, EUROFOR, NYDOC ERU, San Marco Battalion, Venezuela Tactical Police
Volume 5 includes: Mission Kosovo (NATO Elites), Yonkers Police ESU, Portland Police SERT, Italian Alpini, Slovak SWAT
Volume 6 includes: French GIGN, Newark Police ERT, Caribbean Commandos (Venezuelan Airborne, Marines, Rangers), Pakistani SSG, Israeli Sayeret Giva'ati
Volume 7 Special Kosovo issue. Multinational forces include: Spanish Legion, USMC 26th MEU, French "Leclerc" Brigade, 1st Gurkhas, Dutch atillery - too many others to list. Also has mission overview and coverage of the withdrawal of Serb forces.
Volume 8 Afghan Mujahadeen, Spetsnaz, Modern Fallschirmjäger, NATO ARRC SF, ATF SRT, Portuguese GOE
Volume 9 Georgia Bureau of Investigation SRT, TF Tiger, Royal Marine Commandos, Royal Ulster Constabulary, French Paras, Polish GROM (CT unit)
Volume 10 Jordanian SOU 71, Bright Star, East Timor, Salvadorian Special Forces
Volume 11 U.S. Rangers MOUT, Operation Palliser (Sierra Leone), Korean National Police SWAT, Savannah ERT, Swiss Bicycle Commandos, Belgian Kosovo Battalion
Volume 12 (Middle East Crisis issue) Washington D.C. Metro Police Bomb Unit, Israeli Undercover CT Unit, Bethlehem Police Special Forces, USMC Security Guard Battalion, Tel Aviv Tactical, Palestinian Authority's Presidential Security (Arafat's bodygaurds), Israeli AF Unit 669 (Aeromedical Evac)
Volume 13 Screaming Eagles in Kosovo, Massachusetts State Police Special Tactical Operations Team, Swedeish Coastal Defense, Spain's GEO counterterror unit, Poland's 18th Air Assault Bn
Volume 14 GSG9, Russian Paras in Kosovo, Swedish Mech Infantry, Savannah River SRT, French Mountain Troops, Turkish and Greek Airborne
Volume 15 Macedonian SF, Belgian Escadron Special D'Intervention (ESI), US Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regt (SOAR), Manchester Police Tactical Unit
Volume 16 French Naval Commandos, Austria's GEK Cobra, Spanish Marines, USAF Special Operations, Portuguese Airborne, Argentine Special Cdos
Volume 17 USAF Special Tectics Squadron PJ, German KSK Reaction Force, Tel Aviv Bomb Squad, Gatwick Airport Armed ops Unit, French Foreign Legion Paratroopers (2e REP)
Volume 18 (post Sept. 11 issue) Terrorist Group Profiles, US State Department Diplomatic Security Service Mobile Security Div, Port Authority of NY and NJ Police ESU, FAA Air Marshals, Royal Netherlands Marines Counter-Terror, N Miami Beach PD SRT, Miami-Dade PD Bomb Squad, Israeli Border Guard Police Special Ops
Volume 19 Taliban's Defeat at Kunduz, USMC Force Recon, Spanish UOE, Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion, Chilean Special Forces
Volume 20 San Francisco PD Tac Unit, Royal Marines Commando, Tel Aviv Police Special Patrol Unit, Italian COMSUBIN, Polish SPAT Counter-Terrorist Unit, Belgian 3rd Parachute Lancers Regiment
Volume 21 Australian SAS in Afghanistan, KFOR's Assault Rifles, Korean SEALs, Israel Border Guard's Tzabar Unit, Spanish Airborne Brigade BRIPAC

Special Ops Journal 22
Afghanistan special issue. 1. 1st Bn, Royal Anglian Regt. 2. 34th Field Squadron, RAF Regiment 3. Germany's ISAF Contingent 4. Operation Pamir: French Bn. in Afghanistan 5. Italian Special Ops in Kabul 6. Dutch Shock Troops in Kabul 7. ISAF's Austrian Commandos 8. Turkey's Mountain Commandos in Kabul 9. 1st Bn Afghan National Guard 10. Mobile Air Movement Squadron
2T5522R Spec Ops 22 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 23
1. Strong Resolve 2002. 40,000 troops of 14 NATO and 12 Partnership for Peace nations were involved in this exercise, which consisted of both a conventional war scenario and a Crisis Response Operation scenario, took place in Norway and Poland. 2. GROM: Poland's Counter-Terrorist Force. Superb coverage of the GROM operators in hostage rescue, sniping, maritime assault, diving, and infiltration operations. 3. Spain's Devils of the Depths. The elite combat divers of the Spanish Navy, the UEBC, are captured in striking images during maritime takedown, ship-boarding and diving operations. 4. Italian Army 9th Parachute Assault Regiment "Col Moschin". The Incursori special forces of the Italian Army are able to carry out extended unconventional operations deep within denied or hostile territory. 5. IDF Military Police "Force 100" Intervention Unit. IDF's Megiddo Prison, a maximum security housing some of the world's most lethal terrorists, among them Hamas, is the facility guarded by the IDF Military Police elite "Force 100" special operation counter-terrorist and hostage rescue unit.
2T5523R Spec Ops 23 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 24
1. From defensive shield to war against Iraq. 2. Operation "Unicorn" article, Yves Debay goes to the Ivory Coast with the French troops intervening in a civil war. 3. 6 Jäger Brigade - Austria's Gebirgsjäger 4. Irish Defence Forces - EOD Teams and 27th Infantry Mobile Security Group
2T5524R Spec Ops 24 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 25
1. British Forces in Babylon - Operation "Telic". The British war effort in Operation 'Iraqi Freedom" is called Operation "Telic". British land forces sent into the ITO numbered some 26,000 troops and included the famed "Desert Rats", the "Red Devils" and the Royal Marines. The British were responsible for Operation "Falconer" 2. The Australian Effort in Iraq: Australia contributed some 2,000 personnel to the 2003 Gulf War, around 500 of them were the elite SAS and commando troops. Australian forces operated primarily in western Iraq, hunting down possible SCUD launchers and weapons of mass destruction and cutting supply lines 3. 3-158 AVN in "Lightning Storm II" To prepare for war against Iraq, US forces fielded exercise "Lightning Storm II" in Germany in late 2002 for training noncombatant rescue and evacuation operations. 4. New Challenges for Operation "Unicorn". A sequel to Vol. 24's Operation "Unicorn" article, Yves Debay returned to the Ivory Coast and followed up the action with the French troops in an exceptionally illustrated article. 5. USMC Force Recon. Joel B. Paskauskas II brought us this expanded article on Force Recon Marines. Rare images of the operators in inflatables, ship boarding exercises, diving training, SPIE rigging, HALO, TRUEX, intelligence gathering, and arctic training.
2T5525R Spec Ops 25 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 26
2003 Iraqi War - The Road to Baghdad
2T5526R Spec Ops 26 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 27
Special Ops Journal of the Elite Forces & SWAT Units Vol. 27 Victory in Baghdad issue. Articles (and pictures) from an eyewitness on Operation Iraqi Freedom . A large number of events related to the battle for and the fall of Baghdad are covered with numerous pictures of troops, weapons, and vehicles. Includes Disaster in Al-Mahmudiyah, The 'Infernal Columns' of the 3rd ID, The Collapse of Saddam's Army, The Marines Enter Baghdad, MEDEVAC in the 3rd ID, Guarding the Airport, 'Old Ironsides' and 'Screaming Eagles', Challengers vs. T-55s, Patrol in Al Faw, etc. Softbound, 64 pages, color throughout.
2T5527R Spec Ops 27 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 28
US Army: Europe's 911 the U.S. Southern European Task Force (SETAF), Future German Infantry, French Marines, Spain's TEDAX Bomb Squad
2T5528R Spec Ops 28 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 29 and 30
Coalition Forces in Iraq, Parts 1 and 2

Special Ops Journal 31
Contents include: Spanish Army Green Berets, Exercise Gainful Sword 2003 (FTX of the German-Netherlands Corps following return from Afghanistan), Italian Rangers, Exercise Co-operative Partner (joint exercise between Ukraine-Greek-Turkish Marine Recon troops), RENEA (Albania's counterterrorist force). Softbound, 64 pages, 198 photos
2T5531R Spec Ops Journal 31 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 32
Contents include: Kosovo 2004, Aussies in Baghdad, Street Fights in Grozny, Belgian Para Commando Brigade, Italian MSU in the Balkans. Softbound, 64 pages, 194 photos
2T5532R Spec Ops Journal 32 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 33
Task Force Danger: With the Big Red One in Iraq. Detailed photographic coverage of this famous infantry unit operating in the dangerous Sunni Triangle region. Softbound, 64 pages, 194 photos
2T5533R Spec Ops Journal 33 $16.95

Special Ops Journal 34
Combat in Fallujah November 2004 Softbound, 64 pages, 210 photos
2T5534R Spec Ops Journal 34 $16.95

Special Ops Journal #35
Afghanistan Revisited: U.S. Forces in Afghanistan 2001-2005 "Operation Enduring Freedom"
"Tropical Lightning" in Afghanistan. Battlegroups of the Kabul Multinational Brigade
Italians in Afghanistan-"Col Moschin" & "Superga" 223 photos
2T5535R Spec Ops Journal 35 $16.95

2T5501R Special Ops # 1 $16.95
2T5502R Special Ops # 2 $16.95
2T5503R Special Ops # 3 $16.95
2T5504R Special Ops # 4 $16.95
2T5505R Special Ops # 5 $16.95
2T5506R Special Ops # 6 $16.95
2T5507R Special Ops # 7 $16.95
2T5508R Special Ops # 8 $16.95
2T5509R Special Ops # 9 $16.95
2T5510R Special Ops #10 $16.95
2T5511R Special Ops #11 $16.95
2T5512R Special Ops #12 $16.95
2T5513R Special Ops #13 $16.95
2T5514R Special Ops #14 $16.95
2T5515R Special Ops #15 $16.95
2T5516R Special Ops #16 $16.95
2T5517R Special Ops #17 $16.95
2T5518R Special Ops #18 $16.95
2T5519R Special Ops #19 $16.95
2T5520R Special Ops #20 $16.95
2T5521R Special Ops #21 $16.95
2T5522R Special Ops #22 $16.95
2T5523R Special Ops #23 $16.95
2T5524R Special Ops #24 $16.95
2T5525R Special Ops #25 $16.95
2T5526R Special Ops #26 $16.95
2T5527R Special Ops #27 $16.95
2T5528R Special Ops #28 $16.95
2T5528R Special Ops #29 $16.95
2T5530R Special Ops #30 $16.95
2T5531R Special Ops #31 $16.95
2T5532R Special Ops #32 $16.95
2T5533R Special Ops #33 $16.95
2T5534R Special Ops #34 $16.95
2T5535R Special Ops #35 $16.95

NOTE: Several volumes NOT currently available, assume scheduled for reprint. If you have questions, please call before ordering.

Special Forces:
War Against Terrorism in Iraq

by Eric Micheletti. Spectacular new book shows Special Forces teams in action, fulfilling their missions well ahead of the arrival of the conventional forces. Even today the Special Forces, mainly US and British, are waging a merciless war against terrorists of all kinds who proliferate in Saddams former empire. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of shots taken at the heart of the action on the ground in Iraq, showing all the clothing and equipment used by SF. Hardbound, 192 pages, 400+ color illustrations
7Y3964R SF - Iraq $42.95

Special Forces in Afghanistan 2001-2003: War Against Terrorism
by Eric Micheletti , editor of Raids Magazine in France. Covers the operations, equipment, uniforms and armament of the 500 U.S. and Coalition operators who won the Afghan war in weeks. Includes Army SF, 160th SOAR, SEALs, Rangers, Delta, USAF Special Ops, CIA, 22nd SAS, Australian SAS, NZSAS, as well as Canadian, Dutch, Norwegian, German and other Allied SF units. Day by day chronology. Extensively illustrated with color photos. Hardbound, large format, 176 pages.
7Y0390R SF: War in Afghan $37.95

Shadow Warriors (Army Rangers)
by Mir Bahmanyar. Former Ranger Bahmanyar traces the Rangers from the French and Indian War through Iraq and Afghanistan. Hardbound, 320 pages, illus.
7A6860R Shadow Warriors (Rgrs) $29.95

US Rangers: Leading the Way by Ian Westwell. Spearhead 12 examines US Army Rangers in WW2. The US Rangers were formed in 1942 after Major General Lucian K. Truscott, US Army Liaison with the British General Staff, argued that 'we undertake immediately an American unit along the lines of the British Commandos'. William Orlando Darby, a graduate of West Point with amphibious training, was chosen to command and he performed a near miracle in organizing the unit within a few weeks. Ranger Battalions distinguished themselves in Sicily, Italy, North Africa and France. Packed with numerous excellent quality photos, maps and details of insignia. Softbound, 96 pages
7Y2978R Spearhead 12: Rangers $19.95

Rangers - US Army's 75th Ranger Regiment by Joel B. Paskasuskas II. "The mission of the Ranger Regiment is to plan and conduct special operations and light infantry operations in any operational environment". All color 2001 pictorial on current Ranger troops, uniforms, weapons and equipment. A good one! Softbound, 64 pages.
2T3005R Rangers $15.95

US Army Ranger 1983­2002
Sua Sponte - Of their own accord. Osprey Warrior series 65 by Mir Bahmanyar and Michael Welply. This study of the US Army Ranger covers the distinct stages of training and acceptance, including the Ranger Indoctrination Program and Ranger Battalion training, and details the developments in Ranger weaponry, equipment and clothing since the early 1980s. Using first hand accounts, it shows what it was like to fight in Panama in 1989, raids in Iraq in 1991 and Somalia in 1993, and brings the unit up to date with the 3rd Battalion's deployment to Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom. It also covers the culture of the Rangers, from their special language and terminology, to the rites of passage that lie behind the formal training program. Softbound, 64 pages, many illus.
7A6585R Osp: Rangers $16.95

Secret Techniques of the Elite Forces
by Leroy Thompson. A wide array of skills, both physical and cerebral, combine to make up the modern elite soldier. Themed chapters and a wealth of illustrations explain everything you need to know about these formidably trained warriors. Learn how to select a drop zone for parachute insertions or how to execute a High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) insertion when you are twenty miles' distance from your objective. Find out how combat swimmers launch from submarines to carry out beach reconnaissance prior to an invasion. Understand the special considerations and knowledge required to fight and, more importantly, survive in such hostile environments as jungle, desert, or mountain. Discover how today's special operative must master skills as diverse as horsemanship and the compact computer, or how to kill silently with a knife or laser designator. Softbound, 176 pages, illus.
7A7652R Secret Techs. of Elite Fcs $19.95

US Special Warfare Units in the Pacific Theater 1941-45
Scouts, Raiders, Rangers and Reconnaissance Units. (Battle Orders 12) by Gordon Rottman. New scout, raider and reconnaissance units were formed in the Pacific, the pioneers of today's special forces. Examines a wide range of PTO special-warfare units, including the Alaskan and Alamo scouts, 5217th, 1st Recon Battalion, Marine Amphibious Recon and Raider units, Amphibious Scouts, and 6th Ranger Battalion. Softbound, 96 pages, illus
7A6707R US SpecWar Units in PTO $21.95

American Soldier
ed. by Nate Hardcastle. Stories of Special Forces from Iraq to Afghanistan. A collection of some of the best accounts of America's elite in combat, including Eric Haney on Delta, Richard Marcinko on a SEAL op in Vietnam, Mark Bowden on a captured pilot in Mogadishu, Douglas Waller on Green Berets trapped behind Iraqi lines in Desert Storm, etc. Trade paperback, 292 pages.
5Y5438R American Soldier $9.95

U.S. SPECIAL FORCES GROUP INSIGNIA (POST 1975) The Collector's Guide by Pugh, Perkowski and Whistler. 2004 publication which offers hundreds of ODA, Group, Bn. and other SF patches, official and unofficial, all shown in color. Includes a concise but comprehensive history of the US Army Special Forces history and organization, and a synopsis of each Group's history, lineage and honors to date. Softbound, 149 pages, 800+ insignia in color.
7Z2317R US SFG Insignia $34.95

Masters Of Chaos by Linda Robinson. Masters of Chaos tells the SF story through the experiences of a select group of operators whose careers and missions exemplify heroism and mystique. Meet Rawhide, Colonel Charlie, Colonel Kevin, Captain Z, Wildman, Warren and Pete-and be grateful they are on your side. Robinson follows the Forces from their post-Vietnam resurrection through Panama, El Salvador, Desert Storm, Somalia, and the Balkans, and culminates with their recent trials and triumphs in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Iraq, she was the only reporter in the western desert to witness the eight-hour firefights of the war's opening days. The blow-by-blow story of the attack on Ansar al-Islam hideout on the Iranian border by a single 12 man SF team has never been told before, nor has anyone revealed in such depth the evidence of its use by Al Qaeda and other terrorists. The most comprehensive account ever of the Special Forces in action, Masters of Chaos is filled with riveting, intimate detail in the words of a close-knit band of soldiers who have done it all. Hardbound, 288 pages.
7Y8249R Masters of Chaos $26.00

Stealth Patrol The Making Of A Vietnam Ranger by Bill Shanahan and John P. Brackin. Just four months after he arrived in Vietnam in 1968, Bill Shanahan joined the LRPs (Long Range Patrol). Five- or six-man teams were dropped into the enemy occupied jungle. With quiet stealth, they observed enemy troop movements and staged ambushes that often ended in fierce firefights. When their mission was accomplished, they called for quick helicopter extraction. Back on base, they debriefed and tried to sleep off the adrenaline. Two days later they were back in the brush. Softbound, 304 pages.
7E1385R Stealth Patrol $15.95

Airborne Forces of the Cold War G.I. Series 30 by Leroy Thompson. Thompson's unparalleled knowledge and experience of special forces along with his unique and previously unpublished photographs give a thorough illustrated history of these soldiers along with the uniforms and equipment used during nearly 50 years of duty in Europe, Vietnam, Korea, Central America, and the United States. Demonstrates the range of situations in which airborne forces served as well the versatility of such well-trained and well-equipped troops. Has pictures of assault helicopters, transport aircraft, weaponry, and individual equipment taken in combat and in training at locations across the globe from Arkansas to Vietnam.
7A7565R Abn Fcs CW $14.95

The Filthy Thirteen From the Dustbowl to Hitler's Eagles Nest: The 101st Airborne's Most Legendary Squad of Combat Paratroopers by Richard Killblane and Jake McNiece. Story of a squad of the US 101st Airborne from Normandy to Holland, Belgium and Bavaria, engagingly written by one of the few survivors of the squad. Hardbound, 288 pages, photos.
7Y3312R Filthy 13 $32.95

SAS: Phantoms of War
The updated edition of SAS: Phantoms of the Jungle by D.M. Horner. Story of the Australian SAS at war in Borneo, Vietnam, Somalia, Kuwait and East Timor, as well as security for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The Australian SAS remains a secretive and highly flexible force in Australia's defense plans. Softbound, 596 pages, photos.
1E8647R SAS: Phantoms of War $34.95

Ultimate Special Forces
by Hugh McManners, former defense correspondent for the Times of London. Superlative pictorial from the publishers of The Ultimate Spy Book. More than 700 illustrations of equipment and operational techniques of today's special forces. Hardbound, 192 pages.
7Y9973R Ult. SF $29.95

Behind Enemy Lines
by Terry O'Farrell. Story of an Australian SAS soldier in Vietnam. SAS selection, training and deployment and combat in Vietnam all covered in this highly readable first person account. Includes training with 22 SAS and combat ops in the Delta with Navy SEALs. Softbound, 250 pages, photos.
7Y8590R Behind Enemy Lines $22.95

America's Commandos by Leroy Thompson. US Special Operations Forces of World War II and Korea. G.I. Series pictorial offers 100+ b&w and color photos of famous people, incidents and equipment of Rangers, Merrill's Marauders, OSS, 1st SSF, 10th Mountain Div., etc. Softbound, 72 pages.
7A7458R America's Cdos $14.95

Gurkhas at War by J.R. Cross and Buddhiman Gurung. Extensive collection of first person Gurkha accounts covering campaigns from 1939 to the present. Sure to be a classic! Hardbound, 320 pages, photos.
7A7494R Gurkhas at War $39.95

Allied Special Forces Insignia by Peter Taylor. A lifetime of collecting and research combine with 400 color illustraions to produce what must be the ultimate book on the subject. Covers the insignia of Merrill's Marauders, Airborne, Rangers, Commandos, Parachute Regiment, LRDG, SAS, SBS, Chindits, S.O.E., as well as Australian and Canadian Paratroopers. Hardbound, 256 pages, illus.
7X2582R Allied SF Insignia $39.95

The Black Devil Brigade by Joseph A. Springer. 2001 history of the Canadian-American First Special Service Force. Oral history lets the Forcemen tell the unit's story in their own words. Formed to execute a mission that never took place, an assault on hydroelectric plants in Nazi controlled Europe, the 1st SSF went on to an illustrious career in the Aleutians, Italy and France before being disbanded. The unit is credited as a direct ancestor of today's Special Forces units. Hardbound, 350 pages, photos, maps.
7S5350R Black Devil Bde $29.95

The Rigger by Jack Williams. Subject of an attempted ban by Britain's MOD. Williams and his colleagues in the specialist Royal Corps of Signals unit supporting the SAS in Northern Ireland had to climb towers and maintain vital communications, often in full view and under fire from terrorists. This is a little-known area of the war, a firsthand account of previously unknown operations and techniques. Hardbound, 224 pages, illus.
7X2817R The Rigger $29.95

Warriors of the Sea. Marines of the Second Indochina War by Mike Martin. Little has been known or written about the Vietnamese Marines until now. This book captures the esprit-de-corps of the Vietnamese Marine and his U.S. Marine Corps Advisor in both words and photographs. Also covers the earlier history, beginning in 1954 as the Vietnamese Marines evolved from a few French naval commando units. Hardbound, 160 pages.
7T9266R Warriors of the Sea $37.95

The All American by Robert P. Anzuoni. An illustrated history of the 82nd Airborne Division from 1917 to the present. New photo history of this legendary Army unit and its extensive service in World War 2 (Sicily, Normandy and Holland), Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Storm, right through today. Hardbound, 176 pages, 230 color and b&w photos.
6E1321R The All American $45.00

In the Combat Zone - Special Forces Since 1945 by Robin Neillands. In a world plagued by terrorism and small wars, interest in special forces has never been higher. Neillands, a military historian and a former Royal Marine Commando, tells the story of Special Forces since 1945, where possible in the words of the soldiers themselves. He describes the phases of expansion and contraction. (near-extinction, at times) of special forces, operational successes and failures, and developments in military technology. Describes legendary units like the SAS and Green Berets, but also special forces in a wider sense-Parachute Regt and Royal Marine Commandos in Britain, the Navy SEALs, Force Recon, Rangers and LRRPs, as well as Israeli, Italian, German, French, Australian and other special forces and anti-terrorist units. Hardbound, 350 pages, photos.
7T5795R In the Combat Zone $14.95

The Supercommandos. First Special Service Force, 1942-1944. An Illustrated History by Robert Todd Ross. The Supercommandos chronicles the organization, training, and combat operations of the Canadian-American First Special Service Force (Devil's Brigade) during its brief but exhilarating history. Accompanying the broad text are nearly 400 b&w images, most unpublished, including a photo-essay by renowned combat photographer, Robert Capa. More than forty extraordinary full-color wartime images of the Force both in training and in the combat zone. Beautifully rendered full-color maps, highly detailed Order of Battle graphics, charts, and numerous facsimiles of noteworthy original Force documents are also included. Completing this volume are over eighty full-color images of exceptionally rare, authentic First Special Service Force uniforms, insignia, weapons and equipment. An unparalleled view of one of the world's all-time military elites, and an invaluable resource for any collector, reenactor, veteran, or historian. Hardbound, 256 pages, over 400 b&w and 80 color photographs, maps, and documents
6E1171R The Supercommandos $59.95

Illustrated Guide to The World's Top Naval Special Warfare Units by Samuel M. Katz. OK, a long time in coming (4 years!), but worth the wait. 433 photos, of which 392 are in color, depict the world's top naval specwar units including: US Navy SEALs, Royal Marines SBS, Marine Recon, SAS, Italian COMSUBIN, etc. Softbound, 136 pages
2T5002R World's Top Naval SW Units $39.95

Sleeping with Your Ears Open. On Patrol with the Australian SAS by Gary McKay. An insider's account of one of the world's most elite military units. Offers fresh insight into the heart and soul of the Australian Army's Special Air Service Regiment, a comprehensive examination of SAS ops and the men who conducted them. It debunks the myths and clearly describes the rigors of the SAS selection process, extensive training in Papua New Guinea, and details of combat behind enemy lines in Borneo and South Vietnam. The diverse and individual approach of the SAS patrol commanders and how this was central to the success of their operations also is examined. Soft., 307 pages.
7S8297R Sleeping With Ears Open $17.95

U.S. Army Rangers & Special Forces of World War II. Their War in Photographs by Robert Todd Ross. During World War II the United States Army organized a remarkable array of highly specialized small units. The ranks of these forces were filled with men who, by virtue of their natural aggressiveness and intensive training, possessed diverse war-making skills well beyond those of standard troops. This book, by the author of The Supercommandos, tells the story of the U.S. Army's elite Rangers and Special Forces largely through pictures. Never before has such an expansive view of World War II elite forces been offered in one volume. An extensive search of public and private archives unearthed an astonishing number of rare and never before seen images, including color. Most notable are the nearly twenty exemplary photographs of Lieutenant Colonel William O. Darby's Ranger Force in Italy, taken by Robert Capa, considered by many to be the greatest combat photographer of all time. Complementing the period photographs are numerous color plates detailing the rare and often unique items of insignia, weapons, and equipment that marked the soldiers whose heavy task it was to "Lead the Way." Hardbound, 240 pages, 250 b&w and color photos.
6E1682R Rangers & SF WW2 $59.95

US Paratrooper 1941-45 by Smith and Chappell. Warrior 26. What made the WW2 paratrooper so special? How were they recruited, how did they learn to jump and fight? What special tactics and equipment did they use? Includes the 'Screaming Eagles', (101st Airborne) and 'All Americans' (82nd Airborne), Pathfinders, Glider Infantry. Covers North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Normandy, Holland, the Ardennes, Germany and the Pacific. Specially commissioned color artworks bring the Airborne soldier's world to life. Softbound, 64 pages, 55 b&w photos, 12 color plates.
7A2842R US Paratrooper WW2 $16.95

History of the Long Range Desert Group. Providence Their Guide by MG David Lloyd Owen. GPS wasn't an option in WW2 and the desert terrain can be tricky. The LRDG used dead reckoning and astral navigation to guide other special units, such as the SAS, to their targets. Insider's account of these British, New Zealand and Rhodesian troops who used specially modified light trucks on exotic missions behind Axis lines in Africa. Hardbound, 256 pages, illus.
2E2712R History of LRDG $36.95

Brandenburg Division by Eric Lefevre. The Brandenburgers were Germany's "dirty tricks" specialists. They used their linguistic skills, repertoire of trickery and exotic equipment and uniforms to pull off all sorts of impossible feats. New information and illustrations from European sources. Softbound, 356 pages.
7X8273R Brandenburg Div. $24.95
For more detailed information on this book, click here

Uniforms and Equipment of U.S. Army Infantry, LLRPs, and Rangers in Vietnam 1965-1971 by Paul W. Miraldi. This new, extensively researched volume is a comprehensive guide to the history, development, wear, and use of uniforms and equipment during America's involvement in the Vietnam War. Included are insignia, headgear, camouflage uniforms, experimental items, modified items, flak armor, boots, clothing accessories, paper items and personal items from the year 1965 to 1971, all examined in great detail. Using re-constructed photos the author recreates the look and appearance of the American Soldier in Vietnam. Rangers, medics, scouts, RTO's, machine gunners, Pathfinders, and riflemen are all here and accompanied by detailed text. For the first time, see easily recognizable dating system used by the U.S. Government supply system to date the items on the manufacturer tag. A helpful appendix shows, for the first time ever, all forms of post war gear such as ALICE and camouflage like BDUs and the Rapid Deployment Force pattern, and all those that were never used in South East Asia during the Vietnam War. Included is also an easy to follow, detailed description of each item along with a comparison showing the actual wartime produced item side by side with the undesirable so the collector/Historian/Re-Enactor will never make the mistake of utilizing Post War Produced items again. Packed with over 500 detailed color photographs, and over 100 never before seen original photos from veterans, as well as many close-ups, this book fills an important gap in the collectors reference library and will be invaluable for collectors, living historians, re-enactors, modelers, curators, and artists alike. Hardbound, 208 pages, 600 b&w and color photos.
6E0958R LRRP/Ranger Unif VN $59.95

In The Devil's Shadow by Michael E. Haas. UN Special Operations during the Korean War. Most comprehensive history of the secret war behind communist lines. Uses veteran interviews and declassified DoD and CIA documents to look at the savege war fought by Korean partisans, British commandos, US Navy frogmen and CIA operators in North Korea and Manchuria. Hardbound, 272 pages, b&w photos.
7R0344R In The Devil's Shadow $29.95

SOG: A Photo History of the Secret Wars by John L. Plaster. All "official" SOG photos were destroyed on Pentagon orders in 1972. Luckily, the military overlooked thousands of "unofficial" photos that survived in footlockers and shoeboxes. When Plaster decided to compile a companion photo volume to his superlative SOG: The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam, his connections gave him unprecedented access to these rare and unpublished photos. Not since Stanton's Special Forces at War have there been such great shots of SOG men on missions in enemy territory, in training and relaxing out of the field. An instant classic! Hardbound, 592 pages, 700+ photos and illustrations
2J0058R SOG: Photo History $79.95

15 Months in SOG by Thom Nicholson, former commander of B Co, CCN Raider Co. More first hand "over the fence" experiences-recon patrols, ambushes, raids, POW snatches and some fairly hilarious rear area antics. Softbound, 260 pages, photos.
3H1872R 15 Months in SOG $7.00

French Special Forces. The French Special Operations Command by Eric Micheletti. As with the US, France has combined its air, sea and land spec ops forces into one unified command. Now in English language, with each unit shown in detail. The numerous color photos show uniforms, badges, weapons, training and recent little-known operations, such as France's secret war in Corsica. Hardbound, 144 pages.
7D8283R Fr. Special Forces $44.95

Geronimo! by Bill Rentz. US Airborne Uniforms, Insignia and Equipment of World War 2. 630 color and b&w photos; 530 of individual items and 100 from WW2, many previously unpublished. Includes dress and combat uniforms, boots, patches, etc. Hardbound, 192 pages.
6E0677R Geronimo! $59.95

Tiger Patterns by Richard Denis Johnson. Finally, a detailed history of the camo pattern closely associated with the elite forces of the Vietnam War. What is surprising is how many variations of the pattern existed. This book examines them all in micro detail with over 280 color and b&w photos plus line drawings. Hardbound, 264 pages.
6E0756R Tiger Patterns $69.95

Encyclopedia of Special Forces by Jean-Jacques Cecile. As cataloged by a former French M.I. officer, a country-by-country, detailed listing of each nation's special operations troops. Up-to-date and sure to become an essential reference. Softbound, 450 pages.

American Warriors by Michel de Trez. Most extensive visual coverage of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions as they appeared on D-Day. This volume concentrates on first wave troops-pathfinders, demo units, etc. Hardbound, 212 pages, 342 illustrations.
7X1760R American Warriors $69.00

At The Point of No Return by Michel de Trez. This superb pictorial carries on with coverage of paratroopers in the field, medical units, glider units, MPs, etc. Hardbound, 200 pages, 266 illustrations.
7X1761R At The Point of No Return $69.00

Secret Soldiers by Peter Harclerode. Whether terrorism involves kidnapping, hijacking, bombing or other threats, the response of civilized nations is the same: Special Forces. Well known British author details how the forces are organized, armed, trained, and deployed, as well as their weapons and intelligence methods. Reports show Special Forces in action throughout the world, with detailed analyses that range from Entebbe and the Iranian Embassy to more recent victories. Hardbound, 620 pages, 35 illus.
1B5507R Secret Soldiers $19.95

SAS: Secret War by MG Tony Jeapes, commander of the first full SAS squadron to arrive during the communist insurgency in Dhofar. This is the newly revised edition of "SAS Operation Oman", the complete story of both the combat and "hearts and minds" type operations that brought victory. Hardbound, 253 pages, color photos, maps.
7X0899R SAS Secret War $24.95

A Soldier Under Three Flags by H.A. Gill, III. The exploits of Special Forces captain Larry A. Thorne. You've seen SF legend Thorne mentioned several times in John Plaster's fine SOG book. Now there is a new book that gives the complete story of one of the finest and most remarkable men ever in Special Forces. Thorne's military career began in 1940 when the armies of the Soviet Union invaded his native Finland. Thorne became a national hero in Finland, winning that country's highest award for leading an ambush that killed 300 Russians without the loss of a single Finn. As the war continued, he became a foreign volunteer for Germany, fighting the Russians for four more years. He specialized in behind-the-lines missions and achieved a praiseworthy record with yet a second army. After the war, he was imprisoned for his anti-Soviet activities, was pardoned and came to the United States. OSS chief "Wild Bill" Donovan personally arranged U.S. citizenship so the US Army could make use of his remarkable talents and experience. Assigned to the "Shining Brass" SOG program in Vietnam, Thorne's luck ran out and he disappeared on a mission that remains unacknowledged by this country. This, for the first time, is Thorne's complete story. Softbound, 208 pages, 42 photos, 6 maps.
7X9365R A Soldier Under Three Flags $14.95

Dare to Win by W.D. Baker. Story of the New Zealand SAS. Pictorial, hardbound, 128 photos, 3 maps, 108 pages.
1E1024R Dare to Win $29.95

US Army Rangers & LRRP Units 1942-87 by Gordon L. Rottman. No. 13 in the Osprey Elite Series is an in-depth study of these elite U.S. units from WWII through the present. Many rare photos and previously unpublished information. 64 pages, softbound, many illustrations
7A5795R Elite 13: Rangers & LRRPs $16.95

World Special Forces Insignia by Gordon Rottman. Osprey Elite No. 22 uses photos and color plates by Simon McCouaig to cover many patches, tabs, wings, beret badges and other insignia of Special Forces from around the world including large nations and small from every continent-Syria, Cuba, Korea, France - everywhere except the U.S., Britain, Warsaw Pact units, Israel or Lebanon-all well covered elsewhere. Hard to find insignia, well illustrated. 64 pages, soft., photos, plates.
7A5865R Elite 22: World SF Insignia $16.95

Illustrated Guide to The World's Top Counter-Terrorist Forces by Samuel Katz. It's back, one of our most popular books-a large pictorial with hundreds of color photos from the most famous and best of the world's national and regional counterstrike forces. Too many to list but includes SAS, SBS, NYPD ESU, Israeli Ya'ma'm and Sayeret Mat'kal, Egyptian Force 777, GSG9, Russian OMON, Dutch BBE, London's SO19, many more with much new information. Softbound, 256 pages, hundreds of illus.
2T1602R World's Top CT Forces (awaiting a revised edition)

Grenada 1983 by Lee E. Russell and M. Albert Mendez, plates by Paul Hannon. Osprey book is the first to highlight the history, uniforms and the equipment of the Grenada operation. Photos and color plates of the major participants-the United States, Grenada, Cuba and Caribbean nations. 48 pages, softbound|
7A5583R Grenada 1983 $14.95

U.S. Army Special Forces 1952-84 by Gordon L. Rottman with color plates by Ron Volstad. Number 4 in the Osprey Elite series has detailed and accurate information on SF history, mission, organization, insignia and uniforms. Many black and white photos as well as numerous color illustrations of SF personnel ranging from Europe and Vietnam to Delta Force in Iran make this book one of our most interesting. 64 pages, softbound
7A5610 Elite 4: US Army SF $16.95

Osprey Elite Books
Each of these titles has 64 pages, color plates, B&W photos of the uniforms, insignia and equipment of the units described.
7A5948R Elite 31: US Army Airborne 1940-90 $16.95
7A2106R Elite 33: South-East Asian Special Forces $16.95

Any Time, Any Place by Philip D. Chinnery. A history of USAF Air Commando and Special Operations Forces. From the 1st Air Commando Group supporting the Chindits in Burma to interdiction of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and service in the Gulf War. Hardbound, 303 pages, photos.
7R0037R Any Time, Any Place $18.95