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French Airborne Troops Wings and Insignia by Jacques Baltzer and Eric Micheletti. Breathtaking, big new color photo reference. Ambitious book illustrates French Para badges and wings from the earliest through today. Has 1000+ regimental, battalion and company badges, Algerian badges, Indochina badges, wings, beret badges, operational badges, promotions, cloth insignia, locally made badges-the works! As close to a complete reference as you'll find, all shown full size and in color. Breathtaking and ambitious work. Introduction in English/French, captions in French. Well organized, easy to find the badge you're looking for. Hardbound. 192 pages.
7X0331R Fr Abn Trps Insignia $39.95

3e BCCP: Indochina 1948-50
by Cyril Bondroit. The 3rd BCCP (Colonial Commando Parachute Bn.) left Indochina in November 1950, after 60% fatalities. It was succeeded in 1951 by the 3rd Battalion of Colonial Parachutists. Some unit history highlights: 1948 Arrival at Cap Saint-Jacques and Saigon, Operation 'Straw Mattress'. 1949 3rd Vietnamese Parachute Company, Commando Group 1, Red River, amphibious op 'Junon', dozens of other operations, color details of badges and colors of this legendary French Para unit.
Softbound, 704 pages, French text, 970 photos, maps.
7Y5501R 3e BCCP $59.95

Commandos Nord-Vietnam: 1951-54
by Jean-Pierre Pissardy. Highly illustrated book begins with an overview of French counterguerrilla campaigns in the early 1950s in Indochina. Continues with a detailed account of individual commando units, noting their individual engagements and personalities, and describing their insignia and badges. Final section is a color insert of unit badges and colors, as well as historical documents. Softbound, 338 pages, French text, photos, maps.
7Y6008R Cdos Nord Vietnam $59.95

2nd Foreign Legion Paratroop Regiment
by Yves Debay. Created in 1955, the 2e REP drew on the Indochina traditions of units destroyed at Dienbienphu. They have since gone on to become the most elite and prestigious of Legion units. Forming the spearhead of France's rapid deployment force, the 2e REP has individual companies specializing in night combat, mountain warfare, amphibious operations, and sniping and sabotage. Heavily illustrated book covers the uniforms, weapons and equipment of the Regiment. Also features the daily duties of the unit, from training to active service and ceremonial functions. Hardbound, 192 pages, 300 color photos.
2E0306R 2e REP Pictorial $39.95

The Battle of Dienbienphu
by Jules Roy. The climactic 1954 battle of the French forces in Indochina. One of the great military errors of modern times resulted in a savage, bloody battle which forced the end of French colonialism in Vietnam. Awe inspiring account of the proud Paras, Colonial troops and Legionnaires against the innumerable men of General Giap's Vietnamese Army of Liberation. A real classic! Softbound, 344 pages, photos.
1Q0958R The Battle of DBP $16.00

With the Foreign Legion in Syria by John Harvey. Memoir of an Englishman in the French Foreign Legion during the Syrian campaign of the late 1920s relates the brutal story of life in the Legion and war in the deserts of Syria. Describes the siege of Rachaya Fort against the Druse faction in Syria, a famous and bloody battle. Softbound, 287 pages.
7Y3681R With the FL in Syria $14.95

The Maginot Line 1928­45 by William Allcorn, illustrated by Jeff Vanelle and Vincent Boulanger. Fortress 10 provides a concise and informative treatment of the Maginot Line, from North-East France to the Mediterranean. Packed with maps, plans, contemporary images and modern photographs, plus stunning digital artwork, it presents a detailed and informative visual treatment of this famous fortification system.
7A6646R Maginot Line 1928­45 $16.95

The Battle of the Casbah by General Paul Aussaresses. No French army officer had ever spoken up in such detail on the subject of torture during the bloody 8 year conflict (1954-1962) that led to Algeria's independence until this book. General Aussaresses decided to break the silence and reveal the bitter truth of the war on terrorism as the French army fought it in the late 1950s. While many, including François Mitterand, who was the Interior and, later, Justice Minister (and future President of France), knew and approved of torture and summary executions in Algeria between 1954 and 1962, the extent of the French government's involvement and that of its official representatives on the spot in Algiers was unknown until now. General Aussaresses had an excellent military record during World War II with the Free French forces and commanded the 11th Shock Battalion in French Indochina prior to his service in Algeria. This book was a sensational bestseller in France and has been featured on 60 Minutes, as well as the subject of articles in Soldier of Fortune and GQ. Hardbound, 185 pages, photos
7S3112R Battle of the Casbah $25.00

The French Foreign Legion. Limited reprint of No 17 in the Osprey Men-At-Arms series. Get it while you can. Softbound, 48 pages, color plates, b&w photos.
7A5051R Osprey: FFL $14.95

The Algerian War 1954-62 by Martin Windrow and Mike Chappell. Finally in, the great Osprey book we've been waiting for! Color plates and b&w photos of both the ALN and French/Colonial forces in this nasty little war. Very little of this has been readily available before...Softbound, 48 pages.
7A2658R Algerian War $14.95

French Foreign Legion 1914-1945 by Martin Windrow and Mike Chappell. The period during, and between, the World Wars was one of the most memorable for the Legion. Color plates, unusual b&w photos show the officers and men of the FFL during this time of large and small wars. Softbound, 48 pages.
7A2761R FFL 1914-1945 $14.95

The Indochina War 1946-54 by Martin Windrow and Mike Chappell. Another great new Osprey book! Color plates and b&w photos of both Viet Minh and French/Colonial forces, including regular units, Legion, North and West Africans. Softbound, 56 pages.
7A2789R Indochina War $14.95

La Legion Etrangere 1939-1945 by Pierre Dufour. Big new history of the French Foreign Legion in World War Two. Heavily illustrated with photos and drawings, bilingual (French/English). Excellent publication, certainly not the "same old stuff", and with a wealth of unusual photos, after action reports and biographical nuggets. Hardbound, large format, 256 pages.
7X8130R La Legion 1939-45 $49.95

La Legion Etrangere 1831-1945. Spectacular pictorial (from Gazette des Uniformes) on the French Foreign Legion through World War Two. Combines vintage historical photos and paintings with quality color collector oriented photos of hundreds of pieces of original Legion uniforms, kepis, insignia and equipment as used in campaigns such as Mexico, Morocco, W.W. One, Lebanon, Narvik, Bir Hakeim, etc. French language. Softbound, large format, 78 pages.
7X0006R La Legion 1831-1945 $24.95

La Legion Etrangere 1945 to Present. Spectacular pictorial (from Gazette des Uniformes) on the French Foreign Legion of modern times. Combines action photos with quality color collector oriented photos of hundreds of pieces of original Legion uniforms, kepis, insignia and equipment as used in Indochina, Madagascar, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yugoslavia. French language. Softbound, large format, 78 pages.
7X0007R La Legion 1845 to Present $24.95

French Foreign Legion Operations 1990-2000 by Yves Debay. Europa Militaria book is one of the best collections of recent Legion photos we've seen. Coverage is unit by unit (1er REC, 2e REP, 3e REI, etc.) as well as overseas and combat deployments (Ops. Epervier, Daguet, Turquoise, etc). Softbound, 96 pages, well over 100 color photos.
9V6373R FFL Ops 1990-2000 $22.95

L'Enfer de Dien Bien Phu by Rene Bail. The climactic battle of Dien Bien Phu (November 1953 to May 1954) is one of the most important in history. This French language pictorial is a must for anyone interested in the French forces in Indochina. Combines a wealth of b&w photos from both sides before, during and after the battle with a large amount of color. The color photos and plates cover the combatants, airplanes and enlarged color photos of the badges of all the French, Foreign Legion and Vietnamese units in the siege. Includes aerial photos, maps and drawings to explain the situation in detail. This is one nice book. Hardbound, 168 pages.
7S8099R L'Enfer de DBP $44.95

French Special Forces. The French Special Operations Command by Eric Micheletti. As with the US, France has combined its air, sea and land spec ops forces into one unified command. Now in English language, with each unit shown in detail. The numerous color photos show uniforms, badges, weapons, training and recent little-known operations, such as France's secret war in Corsica. Hardbound, 144 pages.
7D8283R Fr. Special Forces $44.95

Insignes de l'Armee Francaise L'Indochine by Bourdennec, Mirlier and Mugnier. Volume 2 of a 1984 French series on Indochina that was by subscription only. Vol. 2 (the only one we have) deals with the French Cavalry/Armor, Artillery, Engineer and Service units who served in the Indochina War. Describes (in French text) almost 200 units with dates of service and, best of all, includes color plates of each unit badge and variation. Indochina map, b&w photos as well. Hardbound, 104 pages. 7X1604R Insignes de L'Indochine $50.00

Beau Geste by P.C. Wren. Most famous and beloved of all novels on the French Foreign Legion. The story of an English family, a stolen jewel, true love, a sadistic sergeant and a desperate siege will never be surpassed in capturing the romance of the Legion. Quality British paperback, 420 pages.
7X3371R Beau Geste $8.95

Under Two Flags by Ouida (Marie Louise de la Ramée). 1867 Victorian romance/adventure novel of an Englishman in the 'Chasseurs d'Afrique' (but sounds like the Foreign Legion to us). He fights Arabs and romances two women on opposite ends of the social scale. Sold over a million copies and was made into a movie at least three times, reprinted here by Oxford University Press. Softbound, 528 pages.
7X2328R Under Two Flags $6.95

The French Foreign Legion. A Guide to Joining by Simon Jameson. The French Foreign Legion -- an elite fighting force surrounded by romance, myth and intrigue -- is actively recruiting men tough enough to join its ranks. If you have ever considered a life of soldiering, adventure and honor in exotic countries around the globe, then you must read this book. This tell-all insider's guide gives you the scoop on what life is really like as a Legionnaire. You will learn exactly how to join, what to expect during a typical day, how hard it really is, the rules that govern the Legion (including its Code of Honor), where you might be posted around the world, how much you will be paid, which types of weapons you will be issued and other nitty-gritty details essential to your survival and prosperity in this elite corps. Very few men have what it takes to make it in the Foreign Legion. Read this book and see if you're one of them. Softcover, 134 pp.
2J3944R How to Join the FFL $26.00

Life in the French Foreign Legion. How To Join and What To Expect When You Get There by Evan McGorman. New for 2000, insider's account of life in the Foreign Legion is a guide to anyone considering investing a five year chunk of their life, or those wondering what Legion service is really like.
7S1532R Life in the FFL $22.95

My Life in the Foreign Legion by Prince Aage of Denmark. Legion autobiography of the Danish prince who joined the French Foreign Legion in 1922 and served as a junior officer throughout the Morocco campaign. "I have found only two books in which the whole truth was told, one by Prince Haag [sic] of Denmark, the other by Major Pechkoff [sic], the adopted son of Maxim Gorki."-A.R. Cooper, British ex-Legionnaire. Hardbound, 204 pages.
1E7169R My Life in the Fgn Legion $34.95

French Foreign Legion Paratroops by Martin Windrow and Wayne Braby, superb color plates by Kevin Lyles. No. 6 in the Osprey Elite series, combines a history of the Paras in Indochina, Algeria and Kolwezi with clear photos and plates of Para uniforms, insignia and equipment. Highly recommended. 64 pages, soft.
7A5629R FFL Paratroops $14.95

Le GIGN En Action by Eric Micheletti. Pictorial on the French national SWAT team, the National Police Intervention Group (GIGN). French text but hundreds of self-explanatory color photos of this efficient unit in airborne, canine, firearms training and active ops against terrorists and hijackers. Hardbound, 152 pages.
7D8247R Le GIGN En Action $44.95

The French Army 1914-18 by Ian Summer. Osprey No. 286 covers the uniforms, equipment and organization of the French Army during World War One. Softbound, 48 pages.
7A2516R French Army 1914-18 $14.95

French Foreign Legion Infantry and Cavalry Since 1945 by Martin Windrow and Mike Chappell. No 300 in the Men-At-Arms series is a special expanded one profiling the Legion's rise to a peak strength of 30,000 in Indochina, its pivotal role in Algeria and its part in many postwar overseas expeditions. Softbound, 64 pages, color plates, B&W photos.
7A2621R FFL Since 1945 $14.95

French Foreign Legion 1914-1945 by Martin Windrow and Mike Chappell. Great new Osprey book! Color plates and b&w photos of the Legion in the World Wars, in the post-WWI colonial campaigns. A great and grim time in Legion history. Softbound, 48 pages.
7A2761 FFL 1914-1945 $14.95

A Legionnaire's Journey by Leslie Apervary. Recent book of the author's two years with the French Foreign Legion, fighting in Indochina. 322 pages, softbound.
5G9093R A Legionnaire's Journey $17.95

Monsieur Legionnaire. Massive 1994 pictorial on the men and traditions of the Foreign Legion. Hardbound, 350 pages, French text, hundreds of color and b&w illustrations.
7D0447R Monsieur Legionnaire $90.00 (call before ordering)

Action Immediate. 1994 pictorial on the 2nd Foreign Para Regt (2e REP). Hardbound, 140 pages, French text, many color and b&w illustrations.
7D0449 Action Immediate $70.00 (call before ordering)

Devil's Island by Alexander Miles. Fascinating history of the "Colony of the Damned". Combines original research with interviews of the last survivors of this most infamous of prisons. Of the 70,000 prisoners sent to French Guiana, only one in ten survived. Lively reading! Softbound, 205 pages, photos.
7D5275R Devil's Island $9.95

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