Naval Special Warfare

SEALs: US Navy Commandos in the Vietnam War by Eric Michelletti. The author's earlier book is (for now) out of print but the new one is another excellent full color production from the publisher of such standouts as U-Boat and Green Devils. Hardbound, 144 pages.
7D8264R SEALs in VN Michelletti $39.95

U.S. Navy SEALs: America's toughest commandos by Samuel M. Katz. Pictorial has 100+ recent photos of BUD/S, SBUs, SEAL training on land, air and sea. Softbound, 64 pages.
2T1713R SEALs: Toughest Cdos Not Presently Available

Shadow Warriors The Extraordinary History of the World's Combat Swimmers by Eric Micheletti. With a wealth of photographs and documents - many of them never published before - Shadow Warriors features the historical record and current operational life of the American SEALs, the British SBS, the German Kampfschwimmers and the French Naval Commando Hubert, not to forget the first unit of all in this form of warfare, the Italian Incursori which gave birth to this highly specific combat skill. Full color book also features line drawings and profiles of light submarine equipment used by these elite naval units. Hardbound, 192 pages, color illus.
7Y03843R Shadow Warriors $44.95

Naval Forces Under The Sea A Look Back, A Look Ahead. Impressive 2004 documentation of a symposium by the Office of Naval Research on developments in science as relating to diving, special warfare and submarine SAR. Also served a historical function of documenting past activities in these areas. Hardbound, large format, 295 pages, many illus, color and b&w.
7T3604R Naval Fcs Under Sea $58.95

US Navy SEALs 1983-2003 by Mir Bahmanyar and Michael Welply. In 1983 all remaining UDT units were redesignated as SEALs. or Swimmer Delivery Vehicle Teams. Osprey Elite 113 covers SEAL combat actions for the past two decades including Ops Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Softbound, 64 pages, illus.
7A6807R Osp: USN SEALs $16.95

The Teams ed. by Kevin Dockery and Bill Fawcett. An oral history of the US Navy SEALs. A half dozen first person accounts of the SEAL experience, from BUD/S to near-impossible training exercises and combat. Hardbound, 283 pages.
7D4964R The Teams $23.00

Special Warfare, Special Weapons. Small arms and equipment of the US Navy SEALs and UDT by Kevin Dockery. Working with the cooperation of the UDT-SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida, the author presents recently declassified and other previously unavailable material. Weapons that were produced in such small numbers that they were known only to a few or that were previously under security restrictions appear here for the first time. Includes all types of guns and knives, suppressed weapons, weapons that fire underwater and numerous other weapons and gear modified for SEAL use. Hardbound, 192 pages, illustrated.
7D7600R SpecWar, SpecWpns $29.95

The Men Behind the Trident SEAL Team One in Vietnam by Dennis Cummings. First person interviews fill in the rest of the story left out of official histories. Long suppressed information on secret missions, weapons, tactics and techniques. Hard., 272 pages, 22 photos.
7R0139R Men Behind the Trident $29.95

SEAL! by Lt. Cmdr. Michael J. Walsh, USN (Ret.) and Greg Walker. Outstanding account of Walsh's 26 year special operations career including the Phoenix Program, Central America and Beirut. If you heard the author with G. Gordon Liddy, you know this SEAL has quite a story to tell! Softbound, 293 pages, photos.
3H6853R SEAL! $6.50

Teammates: SEALs at War by Barry W. Enoch with Greg Walker. The author, a Navy Cross winning SEAL with Team One in Vietnam, gives a great first person account of that Team's operations "in-country". Soft., 318 pages, photos.
3H6830R Teammates $7.00

US Navy SEALs by Hans Halberstadt. From the same pictorial series as Delta: America's Elite Counterterrorist Force and Airborne Rangers, a book on the Navy's top special warfare force. Covers selection, training and combat deployment in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama and Desert Storm. Softbound, 128 pages, 30 B&W illustrations, 70 color illus.
9V9033R US Navy SEALs $16.95

The Naked Warriors by Cdr. F.D. Fane. Fane's legendary career as he commanded UDT One for 13 years. From combat in WW2 and Korea to important technological work in the 1950's, this updated edition is both a great read and the best history of UDT. Hard or softbound, 320 pages, photos.
7R0266R The Naked Warriors (hard) $29.95
3H5985R The Naked Warriors (hard) $6.00

Hunters and Shooters ed. by Bill Fawcett. First person recollections of 15 Vietnam era SEALs. Wins, losses and lessons learned-extraordinary accomplishments told in a matter-of-fact way. 349 pages.
7D2664R Hunters and Shooters (hard) $23.00
4B2166R Hunters and Shooters (soft) $6.00

Inside US Navy SEALs by Gary Stubblefield and Hans Halberstadt. First person accounts collected by author Stubblefield who rose through the ranks to become a SEAL commander. Softbound, 192 pages, 40 illus.
9V2133R Inside US Navy SEALs $15.95

US Navy SEALs in color photographs by Robert Genat. No. 16 in the Europa Militaria series is a detailed look with new photos. 91 color photos show BUD/S, SDVs, boats, vehicles, weapons, equipment. Softbound, 64 pages.
9V5000R US Navy SEALs (Europa) $15.95

The Element of Surprise by Darryl Young. First person account of SEALs in Vietnam. Detailed coverage of SEAL training (BUDS Class 53) and combat service with Juliett Platoon, SEAL Team One in the Mekong Delta during 1970. Most detailed and authentic SEAL narrative to date. 275 pages, softbound, photos
6H0581R Element of Surprise $6.00

Brave Men, Dark Waters by Orr Kelly. Now in paperback, extensive, highly regarded history of the US Navy SEALs. Softbound, 330 pages, photos.
3H6762R Brave Men, Dark Waters $6.00

US Navy SEALs In Action by Hans Halberstadt. Large format, color book is a close-up look at SEALs, their equipment, camo, uniforms, and tactics. Softbound, 144 pages, 125 color and 50 b&w illustrations.
9V8993R Navy SEALs In Action $19.95

US Navy Seal Patrol Leader's Handbook. The real thing! Exclusive inside look at the mission planning process, target analysis, rules of engagement, warning order and patrol leader's order, insertion and extraction, E&E procedures, intel, weaponry, demo and more. Softbound, 160 pages, illustrations.
2J4778R SEAL: Patrol Leader's HB $18.00

US Navy SEAL Combat Manual. Combat "Bible" for the Navy SEALs. From Vietnam to Grenada, Panama to the Persian Gulf, these men have a reputation as America's toughest. Specialists in the deadly arts of special warfare, they are trained to attack from land, sea or air. Hard to find information on commo, electronics, boats, special weapons, diving, demo, intel gathering, first aid, use of map and compass, airborne operations, survival, etc. Massive book, packed with an amazing amount of information on everything from using a hand held sonar to sentry stalking and blowing up anything the enemy can build. Has a brief history of UDT/SEALs, diving tables, war bag checklist. 8 1/2 11", softbound, 240 pages, illustrated
3C0007R Navy SEAL Manual $24.95

Never Fight Fair by Orr Kelly, author of King of the Killing Zone and Brave Men Dark Waters. Navy SEALs' stories of combat and adventure. Anecdotes and sea stories about what it takes to survive as a SEAL in peace and war. Hard. or softbound, 320 pages, photos.
9D1519R Never Fight Fair $22.95
3H3266R Never Fight Fair (soft) $6.00

Death In The Jungle, Diary of a Navy SEAL by Gary R. Smith and Alan Maki. Smith served a total of 32 months on Vietnam, logging 257 combat missions in places like the Rung Sat Special Zone. Realistic, unapologetic book with 16 pages of never before published photos. Hardbound, 352 pages.
2J4802R Death In The Jungle $34.95

Sea Devils by Philip D. Chinnery. A fascinating memoir of service with the "human torpedoes" of the Italian Navy's 10th Light Flotilla is, 40 years later, still considered the definitive account of the world's first combat swimmers. Borghese was the unit's last commanders and describes both the history and the many innovations from the secret workshop at La Spezia. Hardbound, 264 pages, photos.
7R0072R Sea Devils $32.95

Frogmen First Battles by William Schofield and P.J. Carisella. For three years, until Italy changed sides in WW2, Italian frogmen notched up a string of amazing successes in the Mediterranean theater. Combines first person interviews with material from British and Italian archives to document these amphibious warriors of the Italian 10th Light Flotilla who were years ahead of their time. Getting low on these. Hardbound, 190 pages, photos.
7D1998R Frogmen First Battles $14.95

Master Chief by Gary R. Smith. Smith covers his fifth tour with the SEALs in Vietnam and his rise to the rank of Master CPO. Softbound.
3H1091R Master Chief $6.00

UDT/SEAL Operations in Vietnam by T.L. Bosiljevac. Now in paperback, the most detailed account to date of USN SEAL operations in Vietnam. 272 pages, softbound, photos, glossary, bibliography, notes. Includes a new chapter not in the previous hardbound edition which has recently declassified information.
2J4531R UDT/SEAL Ops in VN (hard) 26.95
6H0722R UDT/SEAL Ops in VN $5.95